• Global Agenda Councils Video

    Can we stop killing our oceans now, please?

    Human beings are sea creatures, dependent on the oceans just as much as whales, herring or coral reefs. The big blue… more

  • Forum Event

    Liveblog: Pursuing the Asian Century

    Join Ian Bremmer for a live discussion and analysis as this session unfolds including tweets, graphics, video and… more

  • Forum Event

    Liveblog: African Economic Outlook

    How are current developments informing the region’s economic outlook for the year to come? Dimensions to be… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Event

    Liveblog: Latin America in the Current Global Context

    How is the region’s role evolving in the current global context? Dimensions to be addressed: - Understanding the… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Event

    Liveblog: Latin America - delivering growth, strengthening societies

    What innovative approaches will ensure sustained economic growth and societal progress in the region? Dimensions to be… more

  • Women Leaders & Gender Parity Video

    Leaning in the right direction for women

    Saadia Zahidi discusses the changing role of women in today’s society Since 2012, two publications have generated… more

  • Forum Video

    Can sustainability be profitable?

    It’s hard for companies to recognize that sustainable production can be less expensive. That’s in part because they… more

  • Forum Event

    What Europe must do to catch up

    Thorsten Groth on the measures that should be taken to make Europe more competitive. Read the World Economic… more

  • Forum Event

    Ideas @Davos: surgical snake robots

    Howard Choset describes how his surgical ‘snake’ robots save lives by providing minimally invasive repairs and… more

  • Forum Event

    Ideas @Davos: Unlocking education

    The textbooks of the future will be digital, personalised and available to all, says Jose Ferreira. Education is the… more

  • Forum Event

    Megacities: soulless sprawl or shining future?

    Whether we like them or not, megacities will increasingly become the future of our planet, writes the World Economic… more

  • Forum Video

    Why we must close the education gap

    How can the international community work together to educate the over 60 million children not in school, build the… more