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    Video: Sustainable patterns of growth

    We can't count on focusing on growth if we want to solve the unemployment problem. A. Michael Spence on why growth no… more

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    Weird, impatient… Are you an entrepreneur?

    At some point, lots of kids in the United States realize that China is on the opposite side of the globe from us. They… more

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    Who are the Social Entrepreneurs of 2014?

    The notion of social entrepreneurship continues to gain traction, but it is vital to make it much better known. We have… more

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    Video: The future of coastal cities

    "The river used to be a dignified space... The villagers were on the river, it was the main communication line. It has… more

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    Video: Half a billion new entrepreneurs

    "What we need now, more than anything, is a democratization of opportunity," says Chuck Slaughter, founder and CEO of… more

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    Video: The power of participation

    “People entertain themselves online, educate themselves online. They shop, work, bank, date, borrow, steal if… more

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    Video: Innovation in health monitoring

    "Our cars have about 400 sensors or more to figure out how the engine works and monitor the health of the engine. Our… more

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    Video: Engaging tomorrow’s consumer

    "Very often consumers see the word sustainable and they don't really know what that means. So it's really up to… more

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    Video: Hierarchical design

    "We're shifting the paradigm of materials creation towards something that's driven by the end goal. So instead of… more

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    Video: Milk refrigeration in rural India

    “This will be revolutionary for food security in areas that don’t have reliable electricity… The impact will be… more

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    Video: Safety and the self-driving car

    “We will be able to give people the mobility that they want, without exposing themselves and others to the dangers… more

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    How to pay for sustainable development?

    Annual Meeting 2014

    , Davos-Klosters, Switzerland