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    Ideas for change: a charter for compassion

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    Ideas for change: open source R&D

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    Ideas for change: social business

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    Ideas for change: your environmental handprint

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    Ideas for change: Where are the jobs going to come from?

    Where are the jobs going to come from for young workers in OECD countries? The past few decades… more

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    Ideas for change: sustainable health systems

    For years, the developed world experienced economic growth underpinned by population growth… more

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    Pathways to transformation: Annual report of the Global Agenda...

    Today, the Network of Global Agenda Councils is launching its fourth annual report, which showcases new… more

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    What I learned from Aung San Suu Kyi

    From May 28-30th, I attended the World Economic Forum in Bangkok as a Global Shaper representing the Taipei… more

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    The G20 needs to become the M20

    Climate change, youth unemployment, pervasive corruption, these are problems with multiple causes and… more

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    When Hogwarts came to Harvard

    To the delight of muggles and half-bloods alike, April brought the opening of Pottermore, a… more

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    East Asia steers a course through future risks

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    Where does ‘True North’ on Sustainable Business lie for Rio+20 and...

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