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  • A vacant, boarded up house is seen in the once thriving Brush Park neighborhood with the downtown Detroit skyline behind it in Detroit, Global Agenda Councils Article

    How can America get a grip on inequality?

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    What an education debate can teach us about politics

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    The economics of America’s immigration changes

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    How sharing knowledge saves lives

    Four-hundred years ago, the English philosopher and scientist, Francis Bacon, helped lay the groundwork… more

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    How to fix America’s bridges

    There are about 600,000 bridges in the United States, and about one in four is classifiedas functionally… more

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    How the US and EU could boost trade by 50%

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    What is personalised learning?

    America is called a melting pot for many reasons. Each individual carries unique… more

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    How can Mexico boost its growth?

    When Mexico’s then-President Carlos Salinas de Gortari and his American counterpart, Bill Clinton, signed… more

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    Is the US-China climate deal a game changer?

    The United States, the world’s biggest historical emitter of greenhouse gases, has pledged to cut… more

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    The economic factors that shaped the First World War

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    What the dollar’s rise means for the global economy

    The US dollar is on the move. In the last four months alone, it has soared by more than 7% compared… more

  • U.S. dollar notes are seen in this picture illustration taken at the Bank of Taiwan in Taipei Forum Article

    Why didn’t America’s stimulus work?

    In December 2008, the Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee lowered the federal funds rate to… more

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    How not to get the flu

    Imagine if an infectious disease were to strike the United States tomorrow. Caused by a virus, it is… more

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    How US healthcare affects inequality

    The story goes like this: since 1979 – the peak of the last business cycle before the inauguration… more

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    How big a problem is wealth inequality in the US?

    There is no dispute that income inequality has been on the rise in the US for the past… more

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    Would a dollar-renminbi standard bolster growth?

    A generation of development economists owe Ronald McKinnon, who died earlier this month, a… more

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    Could the TPP help to end currency wars?

    Looking for ways to stimulate economic growth and create jobs, US President Barack Obama’s administration… more

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    Why the US deficit is not as bad as you think

    When the United States’ current account fell into deficit in 1982, the US Council of Economic… more