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  • Children eat their lunch in a free meal centre at the cyclone-hit Gopalpur village Forum Article

    Why we need to get serious about nutrition

    The world has a nutrition problem. Though great strides have been made toward the Millennium… more

  • Japanese elementary school students wear masks as a precaution against the Influenza A (H1N1) virus during a tour at the Parliament in Tokyo Forum Article

    How not to get the flu

    Imagine if an infectious disease were to strike the United States tomorrow. Caused by a virus, it is… more

  • To match Special Report ANTIBIOTICS/ Forum Article

    Is this the future of antibiotics?

    A team of ETH Zurich researchers led by professors Nenad Ban and Ruedi Aebersold have studied the highly… more

  • Lu Libing touches the belly of his pregnant wife, Mu, as they pose for pictures during an interview with Reuters at their home in Ganzhou Forum Article

    How stress affects unborn babies

    In January 1998 five days of freezing rain collapsed the electrical grid of the Canadian province of… more

  • Health inspection and quarantine researchers work in their laboratory at an airport in Qingdao Forum Article

    Why do some people survive Ebola?

    Despite killing a majority of people it infects, some patients survive the onslaught of… more

  • ECUBLENS, SwitzerlandA student receives a measles vaccine injection at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Ecublens near Lausanne March 23, 2009. Both the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and EFPL have started a three day vaccination campaign to help eradicate a growing Swiss measles epidemic, in which more than 28 cases were discovered in both schools, out of a total of 370 in Switzerland since the start of the year. REUTERS/Valentin Flauraud Forum Article

    Should we fear measles more than Ebola?

    News that a doctor in New York City tested positive for Ebola sparked mandatory quarantine orders for heath… more

  • research-RTXZ960-628×3301.jpg Forum Article

    A new step to understanding autoimmune diseases

    Scientists have created a molecular map that pinpoints genetic variants that play a role in 21 different… more

  • To match feature VENEZUELA-WOMEN/ Forum Article

    Tackling violence against women in Latin America

    “Despite all the work that we have been doing, the number of women reporting domestic violence… more

  • U.S. flags are seen along the presidential parade route in Washington Forum Article

    How US healthcare affects inequality

    The story goes like this: since 1979 – the peak of the last business cycle before the inauguration… more

  • A DNA double helix in an undated artist’s illustration released by the National Human Genome Research Institute to Reuters Forum Article

    How genes are turned on and off

    A good helping of Carl Sagan and David Attenborough got me interested in science and the natural world as a… more

  • Children, who fled from the violence in Mosul, play inside the Khazer refugee camp Forum Article

    Why global recession hits children hardest

    Children have suffered the most as the effects of the global financial crisis have been felt in the… more

  • Ball is seen on a roulette wheel in front of slot machines at Gaming Expo Asia in Macau Forum Article

    Casinos: a cost benefit analysis

    During the past two decades, the US casino industry has expanded dramatically. According to the American… more

  • Burial team prepare body of Ebola Virus victim for interment in Port Loko Forum Article

    Did deforestation help Ebola spread?

    The growing Ebola virus outbreak not only highlights the tragedy enveloping the areas most affected but… more

  • Health worker is reflected in a mirror as he prepares protective equipment near Rokupa Hospital Forum Article

    Why isolation is key to tackling Ebola

    Isolating the most severely ill Ebola patients before the fifth day of their illness may be the most… more

  • ebola.v121-628×330 Forum Article

    Why Ebola isn’t contagious until symptoms appear

    Fear of Ebola has put many on high alert and there is increasing anxiety about the possibility of… more

  • Surgeon Forum Article

    How music can improve surgery

    We listen to songs to mirror our emotional states: To pump ourselves up, calm ourselves down and… more

  • A pharmacy employee deposits pills into a bottle as she works to fill a prescription while working at a pharmacy in New York Forum Article

    Are placebos as effective as antidepressants?

    Seventeenth-century Oxford scholar Robert Burton’s lifework, The Anatomy of Melancholy, weighs in at a… more

  • A DNA double helix in an undated artist’s illustration released by the National Human Genome Research Institute to Reuters Forum Article

    DNA’s double-edged sword

    When tissues are deprived of blood, as happens during a stroke or heart attack, the lack of oxygen can… more