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  • Women work in a cauliflower field in Kolkata Forum Article

    How can India achieve inclusive growth?

    Dr. Denis Medvedev, the World Bank Group’s Senior Country Economist, spoke at the IIM Calcutta on the… more

  • People board passenger boats as they leave ahead of the Muslim Eid al-Fitr holiday during dusk at Sadarghat in Dhaka. Forum Article

    3 steps to reduce poverty in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh has set an ambitious goal to become a middle-income country by 2021—the year it… more

  • Pope Francis speaks during his “Urbi et Orbi” address from a balcony in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican Global Shapers Article

    God, the internet and disrupting business

    This week, 40 young leaders from the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers community will… more

  • Traders sit amidst stacked sacks, filled with onions and potatoes, at a wholesale vegetable market in Ahmedabad Forum Article

    How to reduce food waste

    At the Ninth WTO Ministerial Conference held in Bali on December 2013, all WTO members reached an agreement… more

  • Indiatacklefoodwaste Forum Article

    6 ways to improve child nutrition in the developing world

    Globally, tremendous progress has been made in reducing extreme poverty in the last 25 years. However, the… more

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    How to boost manufacturing in Latin America

    Production processes have grown increasingly fragmented worldwide. Building entire supply chains in a… more

  • RTR3O4IV-628×330 Forum Article

    Does the Eurozone need its own treasury?

    The crisis of growth in the Eurozone economy is now in its seventh year and the outlook is truly grim. But… more

  • RTR41KE0-628×330 Forum Article

    What Europe needs from France and Germany

    France and Germany, which together account for half of euro-area GDP, are rightly considered the… more

  • Container ship departs Burrard Inlet in Vancouver Forum Article

    Why the world needs to work together on trade

    Sanctions and counter sanctions currently taint trade developments between Russia and the EU and… more

  • A passenger plane passes in front of the full moon as it makes a final landing approach to Heathrow Airport in west London Forum Article

    Why airlines need investors in high places

    In almost every industry, the ebb and flow of consolidation is constant. Mergers or acquisitions might mean… more

  • Power-generating windmill turbines are seen near Port Saint Louis du Rhone Forum Article

    How tackling climate change can boost growth

    Action to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions and mitigate climate change has long been viewed as fundamentall… more

  • A police officer checks the passport of a Chinese immigrant at the Shen Wu textile factory in Prato Forum Article

    Is immigration good or bad for a country’s finances?

    Much attention of researchers and policy-makers has been directed at the effects of immigration on the wages… more

  • A view of a partially dried-up pond at a village of Guangnan county Forum Article

    How to tackle water and food shortages

    As world population continues to grow, so does the need for water and food. It would be easy if the fix… more

  • A general view shows workers at a cafeteria inside a building at the Infosys campus at the Electronic City area in Bangalore Forum Article

    Who are India’s 17 new Global Growth Companies?

    The World Economic Forum today announced its selection of Global Growth Companies (GGCs) in South… more

  • An elderly man monitors share prices on a television screen during a trading session inside the Karachi Stock Exchange Forum Article

    How ageing populations will affect interest rates

    Our history is our database. When seeking to peer dimly into the future, our normal… more

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    Is the global economy flying on a single engine?

    The global economy is like a jetliner that needs all of its engines operational to take off and steer… more

  • A man walks in a building in Tokyo Forum Article

    Why we need to teach economic history

    Behind every economic policy initiative lies a narrative justifying that course of action: immigration… more

  • JimYongKimclimatechange Forum Article

    How climate change will limit growth

    “But who do you think’s right, Prof? The optimists or the pessimists?” At the end of my sustainabili… more