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  • g20 Forum Article

    Why summits still matter

    It is easy to be skeptical about the kind of meetings that US President Barack Obama, Chinese President Xi… more

  • A man stands in Grand Central Terminal, as passengers face limited train service on New Haven Line between Stamford Station and Grand Central Terminal due to Con Edison power problem in New York Forum Article

    What new power is… and three things it is not

    Across sectors and cultures, our leaders are struggling. In fact, the world may be facing… more

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    Why we need a breakthrough in trade talks

    Economic news is grim all around the world. This year’s output growth has been disappointing, and… more

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    How the ozone hole affects weather patterns

    Many people think of sunburn and skin cancer when they hear about the ozone hole. But more ultraviolet… more

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    How China is reshaping global governance

    China – already the world’s largest exporter, manufacturer, and international-reserve-asset holder –… more

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    Is the US-China climate deal a game changer?

    The United States, the world’s biggest historical emitter of greenhouse gases, has pledged to cut… more

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    What does the world look for in a good leader?

    For decades, the United States military has prepared its future officers for the chaos of the battlefield… more

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    What Ebola tells us about inequality

    The Ebola crisis reminds us, once again, of the downside of globalization. Not only good things –… more

  • A hammerhead shark swims close to Wolf Island at Galapagos Marine Reserve Global Agenda Councils Article

    Deep sea mining: the new frontier in the struggle for resources?

    The global demand for natural resources continues to grow. As land-based sources decline, corporate and… more

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    Two visions for free trade in the Asia-Pacific

    The race is on between the US and China to dominate the rules-setting game for trade by being the first to… more

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    Four ways to change the way we lead

    With each crisis that arises, there is often a temptation to make everything into a Hollywood script: these… more

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    A new approach to nuclear security

    In these days of economic woe, potential pandemic disease, and widespread civil unrest, it may come as a… more

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    Is this the key to inclusive growth?

    Many people find economic growth to be a morally ambiguous goal – palatable, they would argue, only… more

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    The future of the nation state

    This is a tricky time to be a state, and an even trickier time to be a citizen. The nation-state, the… more


    2015: the year geopolitics bites back?

    In the years following the Cold War, the prevailing view was that the world had moved towards a… more

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    Why the world in 2015 faces a leadership crisis

    A startling 86% of respondents to the Survey on the Global Agenda agree that we have a leadership crisis in… more

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    Top 10 trends for the world in 2015

    In the coming year, we face a number of diverse and significant challenges: growing income inequality… more

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    What will success look like at the G20?

    Suppose that on the evening of November 16, the G20 leaders release a 25-page communique with… more