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  • Palestinian first-graders sit with their schoolbooks during class in the West Bank city of Ramallah Forum Article

    Why we must invest more in education

    Education is a fundamental driver of personal, national and global development. Since the beginning of the century… more

  • A school girl walks on a road covered with oil and soot at an industrial area in Mumbai Social Entrepreneurs Event

    How to build an entrepreneur

    Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2014

    , Tianjin, People's Republic of China

  • A family rides a bicycle past a palace in the Forbidden City in Beijing, Women Leaders & Gender Parity Event

    China can and must close its gender gap

    Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2014

    , Tianjin, People's Republic of China

  • Malian pupils study during a French language class during a French language lesson in Mali’s capital Bamako. Forum Article

    How can every child get an education?

    The odds are weighed heavily against achieving the target set by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of ensuring… more

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    3 steps to get more women into tech

    Earlier this month Apple released new diversity figures for its US workforce, which revealed women make up only 30… more

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    Serious about sanitation? Listen to the community

    According to a 2014 report by the World Health Organization and UNICEF, 1 billion people around the world practise open… more

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    Can equality be taught in schools?

    Inequality and discrimination are universal concerns. We are constantly witnessing violations of individual or group… more

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    Girls are speaking up: we must listen

    Demonstrations around the world were held last week to mark the 100th day of captivity for more than 200 Nigerian… more

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    Interview: Elif Shafak on women and fiction – podcast

    Welcome to our new podcast series, Inside the Creative Mind, featuring in-depth interviews with leading cultural figure… more

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    Are women really ‘shining’ in Japan?

    Japan was ranked 104th out of 136 countries on the World Economic Forum's 2013 Global Gender Gap report. This means… more

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    How many women are in the 1%?

    In the debate about top incomes, one aspect has been strikingly missing: gender. When we talk about the top 1%, how… more

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    The cost of homophobia: ruined lives, stilted economies

    As a gay man living in Nigeria, my biggest challenge was choosing between my sexuality and my job. In 2004, I was at… more

  • Women Leaders & Gender Parity Article

    Five ways to finally close the gender gap in Japan

    At the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos in January, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe personally committed to… more

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    Why corporate Asia’s gender gap matters

    World Economic Forum on East Asia 2014

    , Metro Manila, Philippines

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    Closing the gender gap in East Asia

    World Economic Forum on East Asia 2014

    , Metro Manila, Philippines

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    How can India tackle the scourge of violence against women?

    Women’s safety has been a topic of fierce public debate in India since the tragic case of the student who was… more

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    Homosexuality is not un-African

    World Economic Forum on Africa 2014

    , Abuja, Nigeria

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    Why do so few German mothers go back to work?

    Last year, I moved to Germany after having spent my entire adult life in the UK. Lifestyles are pretty similar now in… more