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    How economic models can be improved

    The recent financial crisis of 2007-09 (the so-called ‘Great Recession’) uncovered the difficulties… more

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    Why Europe needs Germany’s help

    Germany’s stance toward Europe has become one of rejection and disengagement. Its policymakers deny… more

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    How to manage healthcare budgets

    At the recent “New Directions in Governance” meeting it was suggested that future meetings should… more

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    Measuring risk in Europe’s banking stress test

    In November 2014, the ECB published its asset quality review (AQR) and comprehensive… more

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    A new way of measuring social progress

    In a 1968 speech, Robert Kennedy recognized gross national product “measures everything in short… more

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    The high value of low-income markets

    About 4.5 billion people in developing countries are low-income, living on… more

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    The local benefits of foreign investment

    The conventional thinking about the impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) in a developing country, is… more

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    Where are emerging market multinationals investing?

    Emerging market multinationals (EMMs) have become increasingly salient players in… more

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    Does independence make countries wealthier?

    Secession is in fashion. After decades of strict enforcement during the cold… more

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    Why growth must be inclusive to eliminate poverty

    While the world has seen a rapid reduction in extreme poverty in recent decades, the goal of‘ending… more

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    How currency trading works

    Fama (1984) found a positive covariance between interest differentials and currency appreciation against… more


    How to fight corruption

    On a hot dry day in early June, a woman in her early 40s is getting ready for journey to a nearby town. She… more

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    3 things Europe can learn from Japan

    The decision of the Bank of Japan end of October 2014 to significantly expand its asset-buying programme… more

  • A man walks past buildings at the central business district of Singapore Forum Article

    3 priorities for central bankers

    The world’s central bankers are certainly in the news these days. Not a week goes by without the Fed, the… more

  • A man walks past buildings at the central business district of Singapore Forum Article

    How should top earners be taxed?

    Recently, public and scientific attention has been drawn to the increasing share of… more

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    4 strategies for achieving the G20’s growth aims

    G20 Leaders concluded their summit over the weekend in Brisbane, Australia. G20 summits represent the… more

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    Could maths save US social security?

    The US Social Security system has been heading toward insolvency for decades, with the program now… more

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    How should Europe carry out quantitative easing?

    As Europe moves closer to deflation, the ECB is gradually inching towards outright… more