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    Why clean energy needs a carbon price

    ​​The fundamental inequality that exists between emitters of carbon and the victims of its devastating… more

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    Why we need to save seagrass

    Seagrass is one of the most important coastal habitats where young ocean-going fish such as… more

  • A Green Sea turtle swims over a reef near the surf break known as ‘Pipeline’ on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Forum Article

    How to save the oceans

    Last night, and every night, 840 million people go to bed hungry. It’s our job at the World Bank to get… more

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    How energy reforms will help Mexico grow

    Mexico is poised to become Latin America’s economic star in the coming decade. The government’s… more

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    A chemical sponge for carbon capture

    Looking back, a career in science was always on the cards. When I was about four, for behaving myself I… more

  • Splinters of ice peel off from one of the sides of the Perito Moreno glacier during the southern hemisphere’s winter months, near the city of El Calafate Forum Article

    What caused the pause in global warming?

    Many people around the world, in certain locations, have asked, “where is global warming?” This is… more

  • Burial team prepare body of Ebola Virus victim for interment in Port Loko Forum Article

    Did deforestation help Ebola spread?

    The growing Ebola virus outbreak not only highlights the tragedy enveloping the areas most affected but… more

  • Journalists work in the main media hall at the European Union summit in Brussels Forum Article

    The future of wireless charging

    If you buy a 2016 Toyota Prius, you won’t need to worry about keeping your hybrid car charged — just get… more

  • A woman holds her baby as they walk in front of a coal-fired power plant on the outskirts of Datong Forum Article

    What does history tell us about climate change?

    Life on Earth has survived great changes – there are many species alive today, some of which thrived… more

  • A Green Sea turtle swims over a reef near the surf break known as ‘Pipeline’ on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Forum Article

    10 ways to save the Great Barrier Reef

    The Great Barrier Reef is in trouble, and a draft government plan to ensure its survival does not go far… more

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    How premium fuel could reduce carbon emissions

    If the majority of light-duty vehicles in the United States ran on higher-octane gasoline, the automotive… more

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    Should we pay commuters to cycle?

    Australian governments heavily subsidise car, bus and train commuting, but not cycling. Yet a new… more

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    Why both sides of the economic debate are wrong

    I am a macroeconomist, but I dissent from the profession’s two leading camps in the United States:… more

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    The partnership that spurred an energy revolution

    At a moment when good economic news is in short supply, yesterday’s observance of World Energy… more

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    How natural gas has transformed energy markets

    Natural gas is creating a new reality for economies around the world.  Three major developments of the… more

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    How to make meat sustainable

    Ending global hunger, once just a utopian vision, is now a goal within reach. Between 1990 and 2014… more

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    What one river tells us about conservation

    The southern fringes of the Sahara desert host rugged lands where mankind has thrived for more than a… more

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    Three questions about India’s “smart cities”

    “Smart city” has become a buzzword in India ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi outlined his… more