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    Pay attention: how to improve your memory

    Memories don't just happen on their own. You have to, quite literally, pay attention. "The process [of… more

  • A lock and chain secures an access gate to a house in Goussainville-Vieux Pays, a ghost village, north of Paris Forum Article

    10 decisions that could block your success

    Perspective is a funny thing. Look forward and the path seems uncertain, the future unpredictable. Look back… more

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    How to capture your company’s key knowledge

    I visit a local bakery every Friday afternoon to purchase Challa bread, a sweet egg bread that just… more

  • A woman is silhouetted next to a solar panel display by solar module supplier Upsolar at the 4th PV Expo in Tokyo Forum Article

    3 ways to organise your way to innovation

    In a previous post I wrote about my concern with ‘unnovation’ – whereby businesses risk disastrous… more

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    12 ways to make meetings more productive

    Of the approximately 11 million meetings that take place every day in the US, a third are unproductive. … more

  • Man talks on mobile phone as he walks on a patterned floor at a yard outside an office building in Madrid’s financial district Forum Article

    11 things successful people never think

    Powerful people think in a healthy way that invites inspiration. From when they wake up in the morning to… more

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    5 must-reads for entrepreneurs

    There’s a reason professors assigned required reading in classes. When you encourage pupils to… more

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    One thing all successful leaders need to do

    Listening is often considered the softest of the soft skills. So the idea of being apowerful listener can… more

  • A generic picture of a woman writing. Forum Article

    7 steps to effective communication

    Communicating effectively is so instrumental to success that speaking and writing well are probably the most… more

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    A brief history of sleep

    Sleep is having its moment in the sun -- or, more appropriately, its moment in a darkened room, with… more

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    3 rules for writing the perfect pitch

    Working for yourself means knowing exactly what you have to offer people and telling them in a clear cut… more

  • The Skoda Fabia car is seen in a test room exposed to high temperatures simulating the sun shining in the Skoda Auto Technological Center in Mlada Boleslav Forum Article

    Central Europe’s new economy

    The textbook example of Central Europe becoming an industrial hub for the wider EU used to be the… more

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    One thing successful leaders never do in public

    One of your employees shows up unprepared for an important meeting. A couple of people are continually chit… more

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    Why we need to crowdsource creativity

    Economic growth, as we learned long ago from the works of economists like MIT’s Robert M. Solow, is… more

  • Road signs stand in Mongolia’s South Gobi desert awaiting to be deployed during the development of Oyu Tolgoi copper and gold mine in Mongolia Forum Article

    11 ways to make better decisions

    Mark Zuckerberg wears the same gray T-shirt every day. Being a boring dresser helps him take care of his… more

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    Should unemployment benefits be higher for the young?

    It is well known that workers suffer when they lose their job and experience an… more

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    How to find your next star employee

    The biggest myth about innovation is that it is done only by geniuses who work alone. The truth is that… more

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    11 tips for writing better work emails

    Executive Presence (EP) is a hot topic from cubicle to corner office. Reading the room plus minding your body… more