Topic : Corporate Global Citizenship

  • Castellers, or human tower builders, Colla Jove Xiquets de Valls, start to form a human tower during a biannual competition in Tarragona Forum Video

    Video: What does our past tell us about our future?

    "Big history” examines our past, explains our present and imagines what is possible for our future. It… more

  • Visitors stand in front of QR-codes information panels during a ceremony to open an information showroom dedicated to the Zaryadye park project in central Moscow Strategic Foresight Article

    How will new technology change geopolitics?

    Not so far in the future, resources might no longer be closely linked to… more

  • Children look at computer screens at a visitor’s gallery in the Marina Barrage in Singapore Global Shapers Article

    How can we protect young people from cyber bullying?

    Every 40 seconds, somewhere in the world, someone commits suicide. The… more

  • City workers cross London Bridge during the evening rush-hour in the City of London Global Agenda Councils Article

    How to make capitalism more ethical

    We live in an age of hyper-connectivity and many of the top 10 trends in the Outlook on the Global Agenda… more

  • A model is reflected in a mirror Strategic Foresight Article

    5 tough questions on how tech will change societies

    Technologies may one day offer us the opportunity to live healthily well beyond… more

  • A man stands in Grand Central Terminal, as passengers face limited train service on New Haven Line between Stamford Station and Grand Central Terminal due to Con Edison power problem in New York Forum Article

    What new power is… and three things it is not

    Across sectors and cultures, our leaders are struggling. In fact, the world may be facing… more

  • A boy who was addicted to the internet, has his brain scanned for research purposes at Daxing Internet Addiction Treatment Center in Beijing Forum Video

    Video: How does your brain compare to a computer?

    The drive to understand and replicate the workings of the human brain is leading to unprecedented collaboration… more

  • Pope Francis speaks during his “Urbi et Orbi” address from a balcony in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican Global Shapers Article

    God, the internet and disrupting business

    This week, 40 young leaders from the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers community will… more

  • A woman walks with her greyhound dogs along a path in the Durand forest near the French border to Switzerland in Ferney Voltaire Global Agenda Councils Article

    Logging off: is the end of deforestation in sight?

    Forests are essential. And not just to help prevent climate change, but for life. Worldwide, 1.6… more

  • A Businessman is silhouetted as he stands under the Arche de la Defense in the financial district west of Paris Global Agenda Councils Article

    What does the world look for in a good leader?

    For decades, the United States military has prepared its future officers for the chaos of the battlefield… more

  • An illustration picture shows a projection of binary code including cyrillic words onto a man Global Agenda Councils Article

    What will the future of the internet look like?

    The internet has infiltrated almost every corner of society, transforming our lives in the process. Over… more

  • A hammerhead shark swims close to Wolf Island at Galapagos Marine Reserve Global Agenda Councils Article

    Deep sea mining: the new frontier in the struggle for resources?

    The global demand for natural resources continues to grow. As land-based sources decline, corporate and… more

  • Vincent Padois, head tutor at Paris’ University who teaches robotics, makes a demonstration with ICub robot in Paris Global Agenda Councils Article

    Will the computers of the future read our minds?

    The interaction between human beings and machines has enabled us to achieve incredible things. Now, as we… more

  • The sidewalks are filled with the rainbow flag as revelers celebrate Gay Pride by marching at the annual parade in New York Global Agenda Councils Article

    Q&A: How to tackle the backlash against gay rights?

    Almost 2.8 billion people are living in countries where identifying as gay could lead to imprisonment… more

  • RTR3BA1A Global Agenda Councils Article

    How can we handle the backlash against immigration?

    Anti-immigrant hostility is a major concern around the world, yet this topic failed to reach… more


    We must act now before the water crisis hits

    Having been in the field, most recently in India, I have seen that access to safe water is just a few dollars… more

  • Palestinians fill containers with water from public taps in Beit Lahiya Global Agenda Councils Article

    Tackling the myths about the water crisis

    Perceptions and misconceptions are certainly invoked by ‘the water crisis’. Sub-Saharan Africa, for… more


    2015: the year geopolitics bites back?

    In the years following the Cold War, the prevailing view was that the world had moved towards a… more