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    Why China and the US should work together

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    How to tackle malnutrition and obesity at the same time

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    How to find India’s growth hotspots

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    Why we need safe sanitation in India

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    How linking stock exchanges will benefit China

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    3 steps to reduce poverty in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh has set an ambitious goal to become a middle-income country by 2021—the year it… more

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    The future of China’s public sector

    Chinese President Xi Jinping’s massive anti-corruption campaign has advanced a number of key… more

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    Do credit guarantees encourage moral hazard?

    Credit rationing caused by capital market imperfections is widely seen as an important phenomenon in the… more

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    What next for China after the climate deal?

    The joint US-China announcement on tackling climate change has been described as “historic”, a “turning… more

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    How China is reshaping global governance

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    The economic links between China and Latin America

    China is still a distant and exotic country in the mind of many people in Latin America. Yet, with the… more

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    Is the rise of Dubai and Abu Dhabi sustainable?

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    Why is China setting up its infrastructure bank?

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    Should Japan delay another tax rise?

    The damage inflicted by the introduction in April of the first major tax increase in 17 years has… more

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    What to expect from APEC

    The significance of the upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in Beijing consists not so much in… more

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    What China can learn from Singapore

    Across all recorded history, 99% of humanity has never invented a single thing. Yet, it is a truth… more

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    Two visions for free trade in the Asia-Pacific

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    How to make India’s roads safer

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