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  • RTR3MBIJ Forum Article

    Everyone has a stake in the future of the internet

    Those of us who participated in the NETmundial conference in Brazil last April were pleasantly surprised by how… more

  • To match Special Report STARBUCKS/CULTURE Forum Article

    How ratings sites are changing your business

    “Bonjour Monsieur, comment pourrais-je vous aider?” asks the obsequious concierge at my Paris hotel. I immediately… more

  • Photo illustration shows USB device being plugged into a laptop computer in Berlin Forum Article

    How technology is beating corruption

    Good governance is critical for all countries around the world today. When it doesn’t exist, many governments fail to… more

  • Forum Article

    To tackle climate change, clean up politics

    There are few areas of public discourse where the old adage “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Article

    How can governments use technology to restore trust?

    Every year used to bring the dreaded thump on the doorstep of a lengthy tax form to return. Nowadays, the annual chore… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Video

    What will government look like in 2050?

    Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s painting Allegory of Good and Bad Government (1337-1339) covers three walls of the Sala dei… more

  • Forum Article

    Why context is key in re-establishing trust

    The increasing “datafication” of our society is leading to a world where data equates to power, and the lack of… more

  • Forum Article

    Three ways companies can improve trust in data

    Strengthening trust in the use of personal data has become a priority for policy-makers and business leaders. A recent… more

  • Forum Event

    What we can learn from India’s war on corruption?

    Annual Meeting 2014

    , Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

  • Forum Article

    How can we fight the scourge of corruption?

    It was his struggle against corruption-influenced rule that made Nelson Mandela stand up and speak up against… more

  • Forum Article

    Can emerging markets lead the fight against corruption?

    Multinationals from emerging markets lag behind their developed country counterparts in transparency and anti-corruption… more

  • Forum Event

    How ‘green’ data is making China more transparent

    Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2013

    , Dalian, People’s Republic of China

  • Forum Video

    The secret of Switzerland’s competitiveness

    The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report has long singled out Switzerland for its extraordinary… more

  • Forum Article

    Can we design corruption out of the system?

    David Cameron, the host of the G8 summit in Northern Ireland, is trapped between a rock and a hard place, when it comes… more

  • Forum Article

    How defenseless are the poor in Afghanistan?

    Treaties, regional conventions, international law and national law are virtually meaningless in fragile states emerging… more

  • Forum Article

    How can corporations dispel the black cloud of corruption?

    In a series of blog posts curated by the World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI), a… more

  • Forum Article

    How can transparency help a business grow?

    In a series of blog posts curated by the World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI), a… more

  • Forum Event

    Achieving good governance in India

    World Economic Forum on India 2012

    , National Capital Region, Gurgaon