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    How China became a climate leader

    In what some might consider a surprising development, China – currently the world’s largest emitter of carbon… more

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    Can Africa's desert sun power Europe?

    Up to 20% of power demand in Europe can be obtained by connecting African deserts to European cities, according to the… more

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    How can we make our cities carbon-free?

    The future of the world’s climate will be decided in our cities. Urban areas already account for up to 70% of global… more

  • Young Global Leaders Article

    How big data will clean up India’s energy act

    There are close to a billion people worldwide who don’t have access to energy. Of these, 400 million are in… more

  • Forum on Africa: a market stall selling chargers Social Entrepreneurs Event

    Fastest path to universal energy? Let the market decide

    Today at the World Economic Forum on Africa, participants are debating how Africa can overcome the paradox of being… more

  • Young Global Leaders Event

    How will hydropower shape Africa's future?

    On the evening of 9 October 1963 at 22.30, the side of Mount Toc, in the Dolomite Mountains of northern Italy… more

  • Global Shapers Article

    Three ways we can turn tomorrow's cities green

    Today is International Earth Day. With more than half the world’s population living in urban environments, what… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Article

    Interview: A light bulb moment for renewable power

    This blog is part of a series of interviews on our Emerging Technologies 2014. What do we mean by “grid-scale… more

  • Strategic Partners Event

    Are we ready to pay for tomorrow's energy?

    Annual Meeting 2014

    22 - 25 Jan 2014, Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

  • Global Agenda Councils Article

    Will trade wars scupper renewable energy?

    The world invests more than US$ 1 trillion a year in energy, according to Sustainable Energy for All, an initiative set… more

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    The new climate economics

    In its latest comprehensive assessment of the evidence on global warming, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel… more

  • Social Entrepreneurs Event

    Renewable energy vital for Myanmar’s development

    World Economic Forum on East Asia 2013

    05 - 07 Jun 2013, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar

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    Tackling Africa’s power poverty with renewable energy

    Historically, people associate the sound of Africa with the roar of the lion; but in reality, it’s the roar of the… more

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    How can we unlock finance to fight climate change?

    In a series of blog posts curated by the World Economic Forum’s Climate Change Initiatives, a number of leading… more

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    The secret to affordable renewable energy

    In a series of blog posts curated by the World Economic Forum’s Climate Change Initiatives, a number of leading… more

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    Does renewable energy work better in developing countries?

    Ahead of the launch of the best-practice repository for Energy companies in September, Gao Jifan, chairman and chief… more

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    Doris Leuthard: Is Switzerland sustainable?

    This week the Forum:Blog speaks with some of the people changing Switzerland’s landscape in the 21st century. Refl… more

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    Difficult choices: Energy transition needs pragmatism

    In a series of posts related to to the World Economic Forum’s New Energy Architecture report, Simon Henry, Chief… more