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    How countries with ageing populations can stay prosperous

    I came to a stark realization recently while working on a report called Poland: Saving for Growth and… more

  • Lu Libing touches the belly of his pregnant wife, Mu, as they pose for pictures during an interview with Reuters at their home in Ganzhou Forum Article

    Why we need to invest in family planning

    When people think of the world’s “population problem,” they often focus on rapid demographic growth… more

  • To match feature CLIMATE-GLACIERS/ Global Agenda Councils Article

    Three reasons we’re running out of water

    How do we explain the fact that while only 43% of the world’s population can turn on a tap at home… more

  • UV lights illuminate security features at a German passport that is placed in a passport validation device of the federal police at the Girls Day career event in Berlin Global Agenda Councils Article

    Why supporting migration makes good business sense

    Once you wade through the myths and misperceptions that have depicted migration so negatively in recent… more

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    Video: How cities can benefit from urbanization

    Countries around the world need to devolve power to cities and be more open to foreigners if they are to… more

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    Ageing population is a blessing not a burden

    Population ageing is, as the UN has described, one of the defining demographic features of modern… more

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    Video: How can we feed a world of 9 billion?

    How can we produce enough food for the world's burgeoning population without destroying the… more

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    What if rich countries shut the door on immigration?

    Ian Goldin, Director of the Oxford Martin School, warns that a backlash against immigration would wreak havoc… more

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    Why ageing is an issue for emerging markets

    One in every two children born today will see their 104th birthday. This was just one of many remarkable… more

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    How do we end the cycle of waste?

    Annual Meeting 2014

    , Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

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    Book Review – The Bet: Paul Ehrlich, Julian Simon, and Our...

    The 60s was a decade of social revolution and cold war: of first world prosperity and third world… more

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    How can Europe stay relevant?

    In the next 25 years, Europe’s share of the world population and global GDP is expected to fall… more

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    The future of India’s rural energy is off the grid

    More than 1 billion people have yet to switch on a light bulb. Commercially viable solutions to address… more

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    A bumpy ride for emerging markets

    Emerging markets have been the darlings of global investors for most of the last decade. Even staid pension… more

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    The real beef about artificial meat

    A group led by the University of Maastricht last week cooked, and ate, the world’s first burger made… more

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    Can demographic growth drive society forward?

    Demography is a powerful thing. Only two years ago, the UN projected a “medium variant” global… more

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    Can immigration reform reach the finish line?

    Current conventional wisdom in Washington, DC is that immigration reform can’t happen. The House of… more

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    How to fit 10 billion people on one planet

    Earth is home to millions of species. Just one dominates it. Us. As we continue to grow towards a global… more