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  • Eureka Sound on Ellesmere Island in the Canadian Arctic is seen in a NASA Operation IceBridge survey picture Forum Article

    Can the Arctic be developed responsibly?

    Economic interests are set to play an increasingly important role in shaping development in the Arctic… more

  • currenteventsmarket Forum Article

    What does the market think?

    There has been rapid growth in the volume of trading on futures exchanges in… more

  • To match Analysis MIDEAST-ECONOMICS/OIL Forum Article

    Would raising fuel taxes reduce road deaths?

    Road safety is a seriously important public policy issue. Around 1.3 million people die in road crashes around the… more

  • A natural gas flare is seen outside of Williston, North Dakota Forum Article

    The partnership that spurred an energy revolution

    At a moment when good economic news is in short supply, yesterday’s observance of World Energy… more


    What can the Middle East learn from the US shale boom?

    The clear relationship between secure and competitively priced energy and economic prosperity is well… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Article

    Can Europe compete with a fracking-fuelled US?

    Newspapers like to claim that energy prices are much higher in Europe than in the United States, which has… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Article

    Interview: A light bulb moment for renewable power

    This blog is part of a series of interviews on our Emerging Technologies 2014. What do we mean by… more

  • Strategic Partners Event

    Are we ready to pay for tomorrow’s energy?

    Annual Meeting 2014

    , Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

  • Global Agenda Councils Event

    Assessing future environmental trends

    Summit on the Global Agenda 2012

    , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Global Agenda Councils Article

    Could natural resource transparency pay off for Africa?

    How can Chinese investments and aid for Africa be leveraged to help more kids can get vaccinated, make… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Event

    What if oil hit $200 a barrel?

    World Economic Forum on Africa 2012

    , Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Forum Article

    Can the world afford to go green?

    On 25 April, the World Economic Forum co-organized a series of public-private roundtables in London at the… more

  • Forum Article

    5 ways to encourage a clean energy economy

    In a series of posts related to the World Economic Forum’s New Energy Architecture report, Roberto… more

  • Forum Article

    How engineered micro-organisms could one day power the world

    The world we inhabit is highly dependent on fossil resources. From fuels to synthetic fibers and plastics… more

  • Forum Article

    What is the future for Russia’s economy?

    Russia’s economy is at a turning point. Following a decade of spectacular… more

  • Forum Article

    How to replace the 7.5 million US jobs lost during the recession?

    In a series of posts leading up to the World Economic Forum’s Energy for Economic Growth report… more

  • Forum Article

    Bringing growth to Brazilian shores

    In a series of posts leading up to the World Economic Forum’s Energy for Economic… more

  • Forum Article

    How to fuel China’s growth

    In a series of posts leading up to the World Economic Forum’s Energy for Economic Growth report launched… more