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  • Apples are displayed in a wheel barrow during an event promoting Polish apples in Warsaw Forum Article

    Food for thought: the best diets for your brain

    As their children submit themselves to the ordeal of all-important end-of-year exams, parents of high… more

  • An overweight woman sits on a chair in Times Square in New York Forum Article

    How economic worries make us put on weight

    Poverty is associated with a great number of health problems. One relatively recent… more

  • A woman with a baby on her back looks on at an informal settlement in the capital Luanda Forum Article

    The most neglected health problem in the world?

    In global health, we talk a lot about neglected diseases like onchocerciasis and schistosomiasis—serious… more

  • Cowsinfield Forum Article

    How changing animal diets can improve our own

    Ontario’s Rolling Meadow Dairy has launched a line of milk this fall from cows that eat mainly grass… more

  • To match feature AUSTRALIA-ABORIGINES/ALCOHOL Forum Article

    Improving the health of indigenous communities

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have significantly poorer health and… more

  • ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Forum Article

    3 ways to stay productive throughout the day

    You were having a productive morning at the office — you made all the calls on your list, gave your boss… more

  • Children eat their lunch in a free meal centre at the cyclone-hit Gopalpur village Forum Article

    Why we need to get serious about nutrition

    The world has a nutrition problem. Though great strides have been made toward the Millennium… more

  • India school girl Global Shapers Article

    How to close the gender gap? Start at school

    Over my years of involvement with school health programmes in India, I have found that  incorporating… more


    2 ways to fix factory farming

    Factory-style livestock production is a critical driver of agricultural… more

  • Forum Article

    Why business has a stake in healthy living

    Healthy living has moved from the Style section of newspapers and magazines to front page news… more

  • Forum Article

    Building up small farmers

    As World Food Day approaches on 16 October, about 870 million people suffer from hunger and more than 2… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Article

    Food and nutrition security

    Global food and nutrition security must be a top priority for our world. But is this goal compatible with… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Article

    The top 10 emerging technologies for 2012

    Emerging technologies are critical to building a sustainable and… more