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    Is China finally losing patience with North Korea?

    When US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping met for their “shirt-sleeves summit”… more

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    North Korea’s nuclear aspirations

    North Korea has again shown with its recent nuclear test that it marches to its own drum – and a… more

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    Nuclear disarmament disarmed

    Gareth Evans is a former Australian Foreign Minister, who co-chaired the International Commission on… more

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    Are fossil fuels a thing of the past?

    Modern society runs on energy. It powers almost every aspect of our lives. Yet the infrastructure and approach… more

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    Is energy prepared for the future?

    In Britain we talk of balancing the ‘energy trilemma’ – securing supply, ensuring sustainability and… more

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    What can we learn from the 2011 Japan earthquake?

    One year ago this Sunday, unforgettable images began to emerge from Japan. Dirty grey waves swept through… more

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    How to make green growth a reality

    In a series of posts leading up to the World Economic Forum’s Energy for Economic Growth report launched… more