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    Top 10 risks for the decade ahead

    What are the top 10 risks that the world will face in the decade to come, and what can be done about them? The Global… more

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    Video: How can we manage the risks of climate change?

    As natural catastrophes increasingly wreak havoc, Professor Jim Hall, from the University of Oxford, says urgent… more

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    Resilience: What it is and why it's needed

    Lee Howell addresses the question: What does it mean for a country to show resilience in the face of risks it cannot… more

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    What if a disaster on the scale of the Haiti earthquake happened…

    Ahead of the three-year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake on January 12, Baroness Valerie Amos, Under-Secretary-Genera… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Event

    Natural disasters and the urgent need for early warning systems

    Summit on the Global Agenda 2012

    12 - 14 Nov 2012, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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    Bracing for impact: earthquakes and risk reduction

    Escaping the stifling heat and humidity of a Manhattan heatwave for the cool, forested campus of Columbia University’s… more

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    East Asia steers a course through future risks

    From floods to bombs to financial crises, participants at the World Economic Forum on East Asia engaged in a lively… more