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    How music can improve surgery

    We listen to songs to mirror our emotional states: To pump ourselves up, calm ourselves down and… more

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    3 things you can learn in your sleep

    If someone suggested you play music or light a scented candle while you slept to better remember what you… more

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    The unsung power of music

    World Economic Forum on Latin America 2014

    , Panama City, Panama

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    Music as medicine

    I am sitting in a hall with glass windows overlooking the Alps. In front of me are 16 musicians from… more

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    Can music help transform Myanmar?

    Culture is essential for the stability of any society and Myanmar has a rich cultural and musical… more

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    What running a jazz band can teach you about leadership

    As a Global Leadership Fellow at the World Economic Forum I am the first to admit that the… more

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    Listening to transformation

    Here at Playing For Change, we travel the world and meet different people offering us all greater insight… more

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    Drue Kataoka: Knowledge and justice, tradition and revolution

    The collection explores the transformative power of vision and leadership, the blistering pain of… more