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  • A lock and chain secures an access gate to a house in Goussainville-Vieux Pays, a ghost village, north of Paris Forum Article

    10 decisions that could block your success

    Perspective is a funny thing. Look forward and the path seems uncertain, the future unpredictable. Look back… more

  • A generic picture of a woman writing. Forum Article

    How to capture your company’s key knowledge

    I visit a local bakery every Friday afternoon to purchase Challa bread, a sweet egg bread that just… more

  • A woman is silhouetted next to a solar panel display by solar module supplier Upsolar at the 4th PV Expo in Tokyo Forum Article

    3 ways to organise your way to innovation

    In a previous post I wrote about my concern with ‘unnovation’ – whereby businesses risk disastrous… more

  • A woman reads a book at her open air book store in Skopje Forum Article

    5 must-reads for entrepreneurs

    There’s a reason professors assigned required reading in classes. When you encourage pupils to… more

  • womanoffice1-628×330 Forum Article

    One thing all successful leaders need to do

    Listening is often considered the softest of the soft skills. So the idea of being apowerful listener can… more

  • genderpicjp.v11-628×330 (1) Forum Article

    One thing successful leaders never do in public

    One of your employees shows up unprepared for an important meeting. A couple of people are continually chit… more

  • A couple walk past “Filament Lamp”, an art work installation, at a commercial center near a construction site in Beijing’s Sanlitun area Forum Article

    When shouldn’t you innovate?

    Innovation is a real business buzzword nowadays. Everybody seems to be innovating and everything is… more

  • ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Forum Article

    2 ways to stop your business wasting time

    Andy Grove, the former CEO of Intel, once wrote, “Just as you would not permit a fellow employee to steal… more

  • Steam billows from the cooling towers of Jaenschwalde coal power station near Cottbus Forum Article

    Is the US-China climate deal a game changer?

    The United States, the world’s biggest historical emitter of greenhouse gases, has pledged to cut… more

  • Swiss President Schmid and U.N. Secretary-General Annan shake hands in Kehrsatz near Berne Forum Article

    10 rules of business etiquette

    When you think of the word etiquette, you might be imagining a Miss Manners book from the 1950s. Proper… more

  • Members of the public use their mobile devices to take photographs of Britain’s Prince William and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge at a walk about in Brisbane Forum Article

    5 ways to succeed in the digital revolution

    In every sector, business models are quickly evolving in the face of technology. That opens up vast… more

  • A Businessman is silhouetted as he stands under the Arche de la Defense in the financial district west of Paris Global Agenda Councils Article

    What does the world look for in a good leader?

    For decades, the United States military has prepared its future officers for the chaos of the battlefield… more

  • rtr25fwk2-628×330 Forum Article

    What successful leaders do before leaving work

    Are you that person who flees the office every day at five o'clock on the dot, without making any eye… more

  • A man walks on an illuminated walkway in Tokyo Global Agenda Councils Article

    Why the world in 2015 faces a leadership crisis

    A startling 86% of respondents to the Survey on the Global Agenda agree that we have a leadership crisis in… more

  • ed-entrepreneurship-pic1-628×330 Forum Article

    How to let your employees make big decisions

    Entrepreneurs are often known for wanting a hand in every aspect of their business, and that makes sense… more

  • Pedestrians walk inside a train station in Tokyo Forum Article

    The first thing successful leaders do each morning

    Everyone's morning routine is different. Some professionals grab a cup of coffee and check their email… more

  • A woman is silhouetted next to a solar panel display by solar module supplier Upsolar at the 4th PV Expo in Tokyo Forum Article

    5 things good leaders do

    Last month I had the privilege of introducing two of my heroes, Premal Shah, President of Kiva and… more

  • A worker arrives at his office in the Canary Wharf business district in London Forum Article

    How to succeed as a new manager

    I have been managing large complex globally distributed teams for over 15 years and many times forget… more