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    Can the internet really change how the world is run?

    If we want to create a peaceful, law-governed world, then it is obvious that we require an appropriate body of… more

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    How technology is disrupting the courtroom

    Technology is challenging the old ways of doing things, while governments are struggling to keep up with the pace of… more

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    Laying down the law on corruption in India

    Last month the government of India finalized an important law that aims to add another weapon in its fight against… more

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    Rule of law – Friend or foe?

    Proponents of the rule of law will be glad of the profile granted it by the World Bank’s Law Justice Development… more

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    Adapting rule of law to interconnection

    Dealing with the mass atrocities that have raged in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for the past 10 years or… more