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    Will India emulate China's boom?

    In recent years, China and India have both emerged as global economic superpowers, with China leading the way. But with… more

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    Are capital controls a magic bullet?

    Capital controls are back. The International Monetary Fund has softened its earlier opposition to their use. Some… more

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    What do the EU and India have in common?

    In the more than three years I reported on Europe, between 2009 and 2012, I was the only journalist representing an… more

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    How can investment banks boost impact investing?

    It is not sufficient to pursue economic growth in absolute terms, it’s important to be mindful of its consequences… more

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    Is China a friend of Africa?

    For many developing countries, foreign direct investment is viewed as something very positive. International companies… more

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    Book excerpt: The Map and the Territory

    Not a day goes by that does not reveal deterioration in some aspect of our nation’s public infrastructure, followed… more

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    Book Review: Without Their Permission by Alexis Ohanian

    Named by Forbes Magazine as ‘The Mayor of the Internet’, Alexis Ohanian is the genial and engaging 30 year… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Event

    Unlocking the spending power of China’s middle class

    Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2013

    11 - 13 Sep 2013, Dalian, People’s Republic of China

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    The global economy in three words

    Five years have passed since the collapse of the American investment bank Lehman Brothers triggered financial mayhem… more

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    Why China's economic rebalancing is good news

    The punditocracy has once again succumbed to the “China Crash” syndrome – a malady that seems to afflict economic… more

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    How can China get the right kind of growth?

    For more than three decades, China’s GDP has grown by an average of more than 10% annually. But former Premier Wen… more

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    Is foreign direct investment responsible for boom and bust cycles?

    Capital flows often come in waves. An extensive literature has documented ‘surges’ and ‘bonanzas’… more

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    Are low interest rates a time bomb?

    The Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) recently organised a conference at the Brewers’ Hall, London, on 10… more

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    A visit to a changing Myanmar

    Imagine wading through calf-deep monsoon floodwaters teaming with sewage and industrial waste in 42ºC heat. Now… more

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    Unleash the power of social impact investing

    On 6 June, the United Kingdom will host the G8 Social Impact Investment Forum. This meeting is another major milestone… more

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    The crumbling silos of secrecy

    Hope can come from surprising places. Twelve months ago, who would have thought the US mortgage crisis and the euro… more

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    A new era of public innovation and impact Investing

    Two separate discussions this week reflected a clear evolution in thinking around how public agencies can and should… more

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    Paving a new silk road through Africa

    World Economic Forum on Africa 2013

    08 - 10 May 2013, Cape Town, South Africa