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  • Women work in a cauliflower field in Kolkata Forum Article

    How can India achieve inclusive growth?

    Dr. Denis Medvedev, the World Bank Group’s Senior Country Economist, spoke at the IIM Calcutta on the… more

  • Container ship departs Burrard Inlet in Vancouver Forum Article

    Shipping lessons for India from Latin America

    India has an extensive coastline of 5,400 km and navigable inland waterways of 4,320 km. However… more

  • This NASA Hubble Space Telescope image was released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hubble’s launch and deployment into an orbit around Earth Forum Article

    16 must-read stories for the weekend

    1. Seven reasons your board may be more sexist than you think. Who gets listened to and who gets… more

  • A dragonfly lands on a stalk of wheat ready for harvest during sunset on the Canadian prairies near Vulcan Young Global Leaders Article

    How to tackle malnutrition and obesity at the same time

    Is it possible to solve two contrasting global issues – malnutrition in developing countries and obesity… more

  • Vehicles move along New Delhi’s Connaught Place during evening hours Forum Article

    How to find India’s growth hotspots

    India’s economy could soon be on the move again. The new government is re-establishing… more

  • MaryJoy prepares to take a bath before going to school at home in a squatter colony in Quezon city, Manila Forum Article

    Why we need safe sanitation in India

    The fact that Swachh Bharat Mission was kicked off by the prime minister himself suggests to me that the… more

  • Auto rickshaws sit in a traffic jam in the old city in central Hyderabad Forum Article

    How to make India’s roads safer

    Traffic fatalities are one of the world’s leading causes of preventable deaths. If the numbers stay at… more

  • A view from an entrance door of Taj Mahal building in Agra Forum Article

    23 must-read stories for the weekend

    1. A third wave of innovation for airlines. James Hogan, CEO of Etihad and co-chair of the India Economic… more

  • Children eat their lunch in a free meal centre at the cyclone-hit Gopalpur village Forum Article

    Why India should invest in public health

    Investing in health is a good thing, but is it also a smart thing? Given our focus on improving… more

  • RTR1P90V-628x330 Global Agenda Councils Article

    The future of the nation state

    This is a tricky time to be a state, and an even trickier time to be a citizen. The nation-state, the… more

  • A child sits on sacks filled with clothes in front of graffiti showing the CPI-M party symbol at a secondhand cloth market in Kolkata Forum Article

    How to create better jobs in South Asia

    Despite rapid economic growth in South Asia, the majority of workers in the region have low-paid jobs in… more

  • RTR2O6TX Global Shapers Article

    How sustainability can transform the Indian subcontinent

    The Indian subcontinent is developing at an accelerated rate. However, with the collapse of… more

  • Women dressed in traditional attire pose as they take part in rehearsals for the “garba” dance ahead of Navratri festival at Adalaj Stepwell Ahmedabad Forum Article

    How can India tap into the new “golden age of travel”?

    Today we’re living in what we’ve come to call the “age of great change”. And that age is pushing a… more

  • Employees walk in front of a pyramid-shaped building at the Infosys campus in the Electronic City area of Bangalore Forum Article

    Why India’s future depends on entrepreneurs

    At the same time as India is applauded for its vibrant democracy, it is derided for its lost… more

  • Residents of a slum collect drinking water from a tanker in Kolkata Forum Article

    Why it pays to solve India’s water crisis

    India’s growing economy means rising demand for water in an already water-stressed country… more

  • A broker monitors share prices while trading at a brokerage firm in Mumbai Forum Article

    3 things that will spread the wealth in India

    India has long been able to offer innovative solutions to political, social and… more

  • A labourer works at the construction of a residential complex at Noida Forum Article

    5 ways India can overcome its infrastructure challenges

    India needs infrastructure. From the moment you set foot in the… more

  • Indiatacklefoodwaste Forum Article

    India’s family planning progress

    Anita is a 20-year-old woman who lives in the Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh, India, with her husband… more