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  • Pope Francis speaks during his “Urbi et Orbi” address from a balcony in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican Global Shapers Article

    God, the internet and disrupting business

    This week, 40 young leaders from the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers community will… more

  • g20 Forum Article

    4 strategies for achieving the G20′s growth aims

    G20 Leaders concluded their summit over the weekend in Brisbane, Australia. G20 summits represent the… more

  • A woman with a baby on her back looks on at an informal settlement in the capital Luanda Forum Article

    How do we ensure inclusive growth?

    The correlation is simple: Job creation is the hinge at the center of economic development by… more

  • A combination photograph shows a street vendor selling stems of garlic at a market in a half-demolished old residential site and a clerk arranging vegetables in a fridge at a super market at a wealthy district in Beijing Forum Article

    Why data is key to inclusive growth

    Reducing income disparities has always ranked high among the top objectives of… more

  • Kirore, a creative director at Planet Rackus works on MA3Racer, a 2D mobile game inside his studio in Kenya’s capital Nairobi Forum Video

    Top 10 most competitive economies in sub-Saharan Africa

    The sub-Saharan African region has provided something of a silver lining in an otherwise broadly felt… more

  • RTX17GCD Forum Article

    What role does nature play in economic growth?

    When the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) deadline expires next year, the world will be able to… more

  • Forum Article

    How Africa can achieve inclusive growth

    Euphoria abounds in much of Africa nowadays, and rightly so. Seven of the world’s 10 fastest-growi… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Article

    Why Nigeria’s future is brighter than you think

    Nigeria has been getting a lot of bad press lately, owing largely to the militant Islamist… more

  • Young Global Leaders Article

    Three key steps to making schools safe in Nigeria

    Boko Haram should not be allowed to succeed in preventing Nigerian girls from… more

  • Forum Article

    Why do Europe’s good intentions often fail?

    The Achilles’ heel of European reform programmes has always been implementation and enforcement. The… more

  • Forum Article

    Why we need a new kind of capitalism

    Winston Churchill famously observed that democracy is the worst form of… more

  • Young Global Leaders Event

    Three ways the internet can boost inclusive growth

    World Economic Forum on East Asia 2014

    , Metro Manila, Philippines

  • Forum Event

    How can East Asia achieve inclusive growth?

    World Economic Forum on East Asia 2014

    , Metro Manila, Philippines

  • Forum Event

    Why Nigeria needs to focus on inclusive growth

    World Economic Forum on Africa 2014

    , Abuja, Nigeria

  • Forum Event

    Boosting inclusive growth in Africa

    World Economic Forum on Africa 2014

    , Abuja, Nigeria

  • Young Global Leaders Event

    Let’s get disabled people back in business

    World Economic Forum on Latin America 2014

    , Panama City, Panama

  • Forum Event

    Bill Gates Q&A: Fighting corruption, the future of aid

    Annual Meeting 2014

    , Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

  • Social Entrepreneurs Article

    Why migrants are our cities’ untapped potential

    Which two cities in the world do you most associate with immigration? And which two cities would you say… more