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  • Bulgarian seamstress manufactures EU flags in a factory in Parvomai Forum Article

    Europe’s migration flows

    Last month Bruegel held an event exploring migration in the EU and the impact migration… more

  • rtx12kb51-628×330 Forum Article

    The economics of America’s immigration changes

    The President of the United-States announced sweeping changes to the immigration system via… more

  • A “made In U.S.A.” tag is pictured inside a canvas bag in San Diego, California Forum Article

    5 ways to boost US growth

    There was a time in the not-so-distant past when science fiction could make us look forward to a better… more

  • The European Union flag is pictured in a window reflecting a street in London Forum Article

    How EU immigration benefits Britain

    The impact of immigration on Britain’s tax and welfare system is perhaps the most important… more

  • A police officer checks the passport of a Chinese immigrant at the Shen Wu textile factory in Prato Forum Article

    Is immigration good or bad for a country’s finances?

    Much attention of researchers and policy-makers has been directed at the effects of immigration on the wages… more

  • To match feature SPAIN-IMMIGRANTS/ Forum Article

    Why emigration matters as much as immigration

    The basis of the debate about migration into European countries… more

  • UV lights illuminate security features at a German passport that is placed in a passport validation device of the federal police at the Girls Day career event in Berlin Global Agenda Councils Article

    Why supporting migration makes good business sense

    Once you wade through the myths and misperceptions that have depicted migration so negatively in recent… more

  • Forum Article

    How immigration creates jobs and boosts wages

    Fears that immigration takes jobs away from natives and imposes significant… more

  • Forum Article

    What if rich countries shut the door on immigration?

    Ian Goldin, Director of the Oxford Martin School, warns that a backlash against immigration would wreak havoc… more

  • Forum Article

    Why it pays to make travel easier

    Tourism today accounts for 1 in 11 jobs. It is also the second largest industry globally, representing… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Article

    The four main barriers to talent mobility in Africa

    Flexible immigration procedures are essential for skilled workers to move easily between countries and… more

  • Forum Article

    No country should close the door on talent

    I have a strict principle not to comment on political matters and, as a democrat, I must accept… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Article

    Europe’s voters are lashing out at domestic politics, not the EU

    Most post-election commentary has concentrated on the “shocking” surge of anti-establishment, mostly… more

  • Young Global Leaders Article

    The bright side of Europe’s (relative) decline

    All the talk of Europe’s decline that I was bombarded with as I began to report on the EU had a… more

  • Forum Article

    Do Europeans really fear migrants?

    Far-right parties are set to make substantial gains in the European Parliament election. Though… more

  • Young Global Leaders Video

    On the trail of the most wanted Nazi

    The break came in the form of a tip, not to law enforcement but to a journalist. “I can’t tell you… more

  • Social Entrepreneurs Article

    Why migrants are our cities’ untapped potential

    Which two cities in the world do you most associate with immigration? And which two cities would you say… more

  • Forum Article

    Can immigration lead to economic prosperity?

    Racial, ethnic and religious conflicts are on the front pages of newspapers. In fact, many countries… more