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  • A clinic support staff takes blood sample from a child at a clinic operated by Doctors without Borders in Bagega village in northeastern state of Zamfara Forum Article

    How to improve primary care for the poor

    Primary health care has many different definitions, but can be defined simply as the first… more

  • A pile of firewood is seen at a firewood merchant in the Varkiza suburb, south of Athens Forum Article

    Who suffers most from deforestation?

    The debate over deforestation has traditionally weighed the tradeoffs between local economic benefits and… more

  • A man uses an E-cigarette in this illustration picture taken in Paris Forum Article

    Can electronic cigarettes save lives?

    Michael Russell and Murray Jarvik, two pioneers of smoking-cessation research in the 1970s, would… more

  • Nurses carry a patient at a public hospital in Recife City Forum Article

    How Brazil can make healthcare more efficient

    “We need to encourage people to work together, starting from the youngest members of the sector… more

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    How to manage healthcare budgets

    At the recent “New Directions in Governance” meeting it was suggested that future meetings should… more

  • Vaccines are placed on a tray inside the Taipei City Hospital Forum Article

    How sharing knowledge saves lives

    Four-hundred years ago, the English philosopher and scientist, Francis Bacon, helped lay the groundwork… more

  • Romanian truck driver Adrian, who lost his job in 2010 when the lorry company he was working for closed down, looks inside a a cardboard box in Athens Forum Article

    The link between housing and healthcare

    Not long ago, a homeless mother was asked if, due to the expansion of Medicaid coverage under the… more

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    How to repair healthcare after conflict

    Conflict continues to afflict the globe at a seemingly undiminished rate. The world’s attention is… more

  • Vaccines are placed on a tray inside the Taipei City Hospital Forum Article

    Why is measles making a comeback?

    We always fear the wrong things. We worry about dying in a plane crash, not a car accident — even… more

  • Lu Libing touches the belly of his pregnant wife, Mu, as they pose for pictures during an interview with Reuters at their home in Ganzhou Forum Article

    How to improve pregnancy healthcare

    Relaxing supply-side constraints is not always sufficient to ensure delivery of public services to poor and… more

  • nerves-346928 Forum Article

    A step towards restoring damaged nerves

    MIT researchers have demonstrated a highly flexible neural probe made entirely of polymers that can both… more

  • Fire brigade paramedic is assisted while putting on a sealed protective suit in Frankfurt Forum Article

    5 ways to prevent Ebola panic

    An epidemic disease such as Ebola brings suffering to more than those who get ill or die… more

  • A robot from Android FC shows off its skills during a photocall in Edinburgh Forum Article

    Four ways science will change who we are

    I was moderating a discussion among media leaders and young scientists at the World Economic Forum’s… more

  • To match Special Report ANTIBIOTICS/ Forum Article

    Should the rich fund medical trials?

    Disease can affect any person, rich or poor. While your bank balance can’t really protect you from… more

  • Men exercise on a sea wall along the Arabian Sea in Mumbai Forum Article

    Why we need a healthier India

    At present, over half the disease burden in India is on account of non-communicable diseases such as… more

  • Health inspection and quarantine researchers work in their laboratory at an airport in Qingdao Forum Article

    Why do some people survive Ebola?

    Despite killing a majority of people it infects, some patients survive the onslaught of… more

  • research-RTXZ960-628×3301.jpg Forum Article

    A new step to understanding autoimmune diseases

    Scientists have created a molecular map that pinpoints genetic variants that play a role in 21 different… more

  • rtr33vkh-comp2-628×330 Forum Article

    Can education benefit from business partnerships?

    While public-private partnerships (PPP) have been a central feature of many governments' attempts to improve… more