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  • Bulgarian seamstress manufactures EU flags in a factory in Parvomai Forum Article

    How to boost Europe’s productivity

    “The debate in Europe is too focused on fiscal and monetary policy: austerity and quantitative easing… more

  • Women work in a cauliflower field in Kolkata Forum Article

    How can India achieve inclusive growth?

    Dr. Denis Medvedev, the World Bank Group’s Senior Country Economist, spoke at the IIM Calcutta on the… more

  • rtr2mxcx1-628x330 Forum Article

    Why Europe needs Germany’s help

    Germany’s stance toward Europe has become one of rejection and disengagement. Its policymakers deny… more

  • rtr30ahg2-628×330 Forum Article

    Can growth alone tackle unemployment?

    Unemployment is a global problem. If the unemployed formed their own country, it… more

  • A Nigerian child squats by an open sewer in the neighbourhood of Isale-Eko in central Lagos Forum Article

    Why growth must be inclusive to eliminate poverty

    While the world has seen a rapid reduction in extreme poverty in recent decades, the goal of‘ending… more

  • A man walks past buildings at the central business district of Singapore Forum Article

    The risks and rewards of demergers

    For the global mergers and acquisitions market, 2014 has been a year of strong recovery. According… more

  • RTXDID0-628×330 Forum Article

    How to find your next star employee

    The biggest myth about innovation is that it is done only by geniuses who work alone. The truth is that… more

  • People board passenger boats as they leave ahead of the Muslim Eid al-Fitr holiday during dusk at Sadarghat in Dhaka. Forum Article

    3 steps to reduce poverty in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh has set an ambitious goal to become a middle-income country by 2021—the year it… more

  • Lu Libing touches the belly of his pregnant wife, Mu, as they pose for pictures during an interview with Reuters at their home in Ganzhou Forum Article

    Why we need to invest in family planning

    When people think of the world’s “population problem,” they often focus on rapid demographic growth… more

  • china_lanterns Forum Article

    What next for China after the climate deal?

    The joint US-China announcement on tackling climate change has been described as “historic”, a “turning… more

  • africa-cross-border-traders-628×330 Forum Article

    How to foster growth in fragile states

    Private sector development (PSD) plays a crucial role in post-conflict economic development and… more

  • smalldata Forum Article

    5 reasons we need to cut energy subsidies

    Half the world’s energy subsidies are in the Middle East and North Africa Region.  These… more

  • A gambler counts out cash while making a proposition bet on Super Bowl XLV at the Las Vegas Hilton Forum Article

    Managing investment flows in developing markets

    When the U.S. Federal Reserve first mentioned in 2013 the prospect of a cutback in its bond buying… more

  • A man walks past buildings at the central business district of Singapore Forum Article

    How to escape the debt trap

    With recent data showing that German exports fell 5.8% from July to August, and that industrial production… more

  • g20 Forum Article

    What will success look like at the G20?

    Suppose that on the evening of November 16, the G20 leaders release a 25-page communique with… more

  • flag3-628x330 Forum Article

    Why is Italy still struggling?

    I've spent a good deal of my 35 years as an economic and financial analyst puzzling over Italy… more

  • Power-generating windmill turbines are seen near Port Saint Louis du Rhone Forum Article

    How tackling climate change can boost growth

    Action to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions and mitigate climate change has long been viewed as fundamentall… more

  • Construction labourers work at the site of the development project of King Abdullah Road in Riyadh Forum Article

    Time for an investment push

    For countries with infrastructure needs, the combination of low interest rates and mediocre… more