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  • g20 Forum Article

    Why summits still matter

    It is easy to be skeptical about the kind of meetings that US President Barack Obama, Chinese President Xi… more

  • Labourers work at flyover undergoing construction in Hyderabad Forum Article

    How can developing countries afford to invest in infrastructure?

    To maintain current growth rates and meet demands for infrastructure, developing… more

  • A man rides an escalator at the Pudong financial district in Shanghai Forum Article

    How China is reshaping global governance

    China – already the world’s largest exporter, manufacturer, and international-reserve-asset holder –… more

  • Forum Article

    Global Risks 2014 in facts and figures

    Debt crises, persistently high unemployment, water shortages, the widening gap between rich and poor and… more

  • Forum Event

    Target growth to avoid a lost decade

    Annual Meeting 2013

    , Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

  • Global Agenda Councils Event

    Can global governance keep up with globalization?

    Summit on the Global Agenda 2012

    , Dubai, United Arab Emirates