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    3 lessons on financial inclusion

    Why is it that despite new technologies and widespread innovation, today's financial sector provides such… more

  • Young Global Leaders Event

    Financial inclusion can end inequality in East Asia

    World Economic Forum on East Asia 2014

    , Metro Manila, Philippines

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    How can we put an ATM in every Indian village?

    Smack in the middle of national elections whose results will decide the economic revival of India, its… more

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    Give the world’s poor a bank account

    Making the financial system accessible to the world’s poorest people can unlock their economic… more

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    Mobile cash, the challenges

    Imagine a world in which the most vulnerable, through their mobile phones, were able to receive government… more

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    Global, somebody else’s local

    The mantra for the first day of the Summit on the Global Agenda has been the reinvention of political… more