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    Solving Ukraine's debt crisis

    Amid all of its other troubles, Ukraine cannot pay its creditors. The country needs more money, serious reform, and a… more

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    How can we restore trust in the financial system?

    As government and business leaders get to grips with 2014, they are confronting a global economy that is still… more

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    The false economy of austerity

    Annual Meeting 2014

    22 - 25 Jan 2014, Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

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    Eurobonds are best remedy for Eurozone nightmare

    As far as Germany is concerned, the drama of the euro crisis is over. The subject was barely discussed in the… more

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    Germany's election: What next?

    Angela Merkel’s convincing victory in Sunday’s election will have profound ramifications on Germany’s – and… more

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    Germany after the election: All change?

    Germany’s election this week was contested by 34 parties and it was won by one person: Angela Merkel. At one point… more

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    Has austerity failed in Europe?

    Although many European governments have announced expenditure cuts and tax hikes, their debt/GDP ratios continue to… more

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    In defence of the European Central Bank

    August 2 marked the first anniversary of the European Central Bank’s “outright monetary transactions” program… more

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    Three ways Germany can kickstart growth in Europe

    Recently, a number of positive indicators suggest that the recession in the euro area is coming to an end. The European… more

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    To end the eurozone crisis, bury the debt

    The Eurozone’s debt crisis is getting worse despite appearances to the contrary. Eurozone bond rate spreads have… more

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    Business as usual will not save Europe

    It is becoming increasingly clear that if Europe is to overcome its crisis, business as usual will not suffice. We need… more

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    Should the European Central Bank start again from scratch?

    The monetary union was always a grand gamble. It established the ECB for an immense region that itself was not a state… more

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    Can the European Central Bank control interest rates?

    The short answer is a hesitant yes, bordering with a timid no. The longer answer starts by noting that the mechanism… more

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    Does boom and bust really matter?

    Boom and busts in asset prices and credit and, more generally, ‘financial imbalances’ have been the subject of a… more

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    Europe’s strength lies in its diversity for entrepreneurs

    For a couple of decades now, the conventional view has been that a single European market, with a size comparable to… more

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    Europe’s lost Keynesians

    There is no magic Keynesian bullet for the eurozone’s woes. But the spectacularly muddle-headed argument nowadays… more

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    Did the euro kill governance in the periphery?

    The conventional wisdom before the creation of the euro was that the monetary union would force its least productive… more

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    A risky outlook for the global economy

    In the last four weeks, I have traveled to Sofia, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, London, Milan, Frankfurt, Berlin, Paris… more