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    Why Europe can’t afford not to invest

    The President of the European Commission is worried about the investment situation in Europe and has… more

  • austeritynotworking Forum Article

    Can we measure the benefits of government spending?

    G20 leaders have put growth and employment at the centre of the global agenda. To spur collective… more

  • Japan's Mt Fuji, covered with snow, is seen through Shinjuku skyscrapers in Tokyo Forum Article

    3 things Europe can learn from Japan

    The decision of the Bank of Japan end of October 2014 to significantly expand its asset-buying programme… more

  • Container ship departs Burrard Inlet in Vancouver Forum Article

    Why we need a breakthrough in trade talks

    Economic news is grim all around the world. This year’s output growth has been disappointing, and… more

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    How to improve financial stability

    CoCo issuances have risen strongly year-on-year since the first CoCos were issued in November 2009… more

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    How should Europe carry out quantitative easing?

    As Europe moves closer to deflation, the ECB is gradually inching towards outright… more

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    How can Europe avoid secular stagnation?

    Larry Summers crystallized an important question in a recent speech: Has the world economy entered a… more

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    What caused the Eurozone crisis?

    There is a wide disagreement about the nature and cause of the Eurozone crisis… more

  • The colors of Fall can be seen reflected in a waterfall along the Blackberry River in Canaan, Connecticut. Strategic Foresight Article

    Busting five myths about natural resources

    Misconceptions about one of the most serious and widely discussed topics on the… more

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    Next steps for Europe’s banking union

    The ECB has concluded and published the results of a year-long painstaking process to go through the… more

  • An illustration picture shows Euro coins Forum Article

    Why Europe needs a better money measure

    Would you be indifferent between holding cash in your wallet and holding a two-year maturity bond of a… more

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    What Europe needs from France and Germany

    France and Germany, which together account for half of euro-area GDP, are rightly considered the… more

  • Container ship departs Burrard Inlet in Vancouver Forum Article

    Why the world needs to work together on trade

    Sanctions and counter sanctions currently taint trade developments between Russia and the EU and… more

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    How should quantitative easing work in Europe?

    It is now a near certainty that, by the end of this year, falling energy and commodity prices will push… more

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    Why is Italy still struggling?

    I've spent a good deal of my 35 years as an economic and financial analyst puzzling over Italy… more


    Europe’s bid for investment

    The European Union might just have made a historically important statement of intent, aimed at laying the… more

  • The European Union flag is pictured in a window reflecting a street in London Forum Article

    How EU immigration benefits Britain

    The impact of immigration on Britain’s tax and welfare system is perhaps the most important… more

  • Poland fans celebrate during the Euro 2008 soccer match between Austria and Poland at the official fan zone in Vienna Forum Article

    A bright future for Poland

    Today’s world is not the stable, post-historical place some had imagined in 1989, when the Iron… more