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  • Container ship departs Burrard Inlet in Vancouver Forum Article

    How the US and EU could boost trade by 50%

    The TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations have become… more

  • rtr26zfi2-628x330 Forum Article

    5 more things we need to tackle climate change

    Some great news at last, as China and the US announce a secretly negotiated deal to reduce their… more

  • The European Union flag is pictured in a window reflecting a street in London Forum Article

    How does Britain benefit from being in the EU?

    Whichever way you look at it, the UK is going through a stormy period in… more

  • RTR3O4IV-628×330 Forum Article

    Does the Eurozone need its own treasury?

    The crisis of growth in the Eurozone economy is now in its seventh year and the outlook is truly grim. But… more

  • RTR41KE0-628×330 Forum Article

    What Europe needs from France and Germany

    France and Germany, which together account for half of euro-area GDP, are rightly considered the… more


    Europe’s bid for investment

    The European Union might just have made a historically important statement of intent, aimed at laying the… more

  • The European Union flag is pictured in a window reflecting a street in London Forum Article

    How EU immigration benefits Britain

    The impact of immigration on Britain’s tax and welfare system is perhaps the most important… more

  • A police officer checks the passport of a Chinese immigrant at the Shen Wu textile factory in Prato Forum Article

    Is immigration good or bad for a country’s finances?

    Much attention of researchers and policy-makers has been directed at the effects of immigration on the wages… more

  • Poland fans celebrate during the Euro 2008 soccer match between Austria and Poland at the official fan zone in Vienna Forum Article

    A bright future for Poland

    Today’s world is not the stable, post-historical place some had imagined in 1989, when the Iron… more

  • denmark1-628×330 Forum Article

    Europe’s energy priority

    At last month’s European Council meeting in Brussels, energy issues dominated the agenda – for the third… more

  • The European Union and other European flags flutter outside the European Council building, ahead of .. Forum Article

    Has the EU shot itself in the foot?

    Is £1.7 billion ($2.7 billion) a lot of money for the British government to fork out? It is when it is a… more

  • Construction takes place on The Shard building as visitors pose on the balcony at One New Change in London Forum Article

    It is up to us all to beat gender stereotypes

    Next year is the 20th anniversary of the World Conference on Women in Beijing, which set out an… more

  • The World Trade Organization WTO logo is reflected in water on a sidewalk at the entrance of the WTO headquarters in Geneva Forum Article

    How should the WTO reform itself?

    The World Trade Organization’s director-general, Roberto Azevêdo, has called for an urgent shakeup of his… more

  • File photo shows employees of Fiat SpA working on a new “Panda” car at the Fiat plant in Pomigliano D’Arco Forum Article

    How to tackle skills shortages

    Just a couple of years ago, we were wondering what it would take to get the world’s economies moving… more

  • Fake euro banknotes are seen in a block of ice symbolizing austerity measures, during a demonstration in central Brussels Forum Article

    Why austerity isn’t working in Europe

    “If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the theory,” goes the old adage. But too often it is… more


    What can the Middle East learn from the US shale boom?

    The clear relationship between secure and competitively priced energy and economic prosperity is well… more

  • A trader’s desk is decorated with a German flag during morning trading session at Frankfurt’s stock exchange Forum Article

    Is Germany really the right role model for Europe?

    For 60 years, successive German governments sought a more European Germany. But now, Chancellor Angela… more

  • Illustration file picture shows a man typing on a computer keyboard in Warsaw Forum Article

    Why Europe needs a digital single market

    Innovation isn’t easy. It takes courage to experiment and advance a new idea and determination to ensure… more