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  • A pile of firewood is seen at a firewood merchant in the Varkiza suburb, south of Athens Forum Article

    Who suffers most from deforestation?

    The debate over deforestation has traditionally weighed the tradeoffs between local economic benefits and… more

  • A woman uses firewood to cook food at Sapay, Achham Forum Article

    Putting a lid on deadly cooking practices

    Home is where the heart is. It’s also where the hearth is. And for the three billion people around the… more


    The surprising factor making us put on weight

    As if pollution wasn't already bad enough, a new study points to further evidence connecting exposure to… more

  • The colors of Fall can be seen reflected in a waterfall along the Blackberry River in Canaan, Connecticut. Strategic Foresight Article

    Busting five myths about natural resources

    Misconceptions about one of the most serious and widely discussed topics on the… more

  • A woman walks with her greyhound dogs along a path in the Durand forest near the French border to Switzerland in Ferney Voltaire Global Agenda Councils Article

    Logging off: is the end of deforestation in sight?

    Forests are essential. And not just to help prevent climate change, but for life. Worldwide, 1.6… more

  • Nuclear power plant Gundremmingen is pictured next to flowering meadow Global Agenda Councils Article

    Can nuclear energy fuel our future?

    Demand for electricity in the emerging economies is growing very strongly – between… more

  • A residential tower is framed from inside a sculpture containing recycled plastic water bottles with LED lights in Hong Kong Forum Article

    Why the circular economy makes business sense

    We are at a fork in the road in terms of the global economy. One path points to the same linear “take… more

  • Splinters of ice peel off from one of the sides of the Perito Moreno glacier during the southern hemisphere’s winter months, near the city of El Calafate Forum Article

    How do we know climate change is happening?

    Climate change is one of the few scientific theories that makes us examine the whole basis of modern… more

  • An aerial view shows a palm oil plantation in South Sumatra province Forum Article

    Why palm oil is bad for wildlife

    Palm oil plantations have an overall negative impact on biodiversity, according to research released… more

  • A bee flies on a mustard field in front of the cooling towers of the Temelin nuclear power plant near Tyn nad Vltavou Global Agenda Councils Article

    Why business needs to obey the laws of nature

    “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows,” Bob Dylan famously sang. You don’t… more

  • The sunrise is seen behind lower Manhattan during the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, from Jersey City, New Jersey Forum Article

    A quiet transformation in climate change

    It is estimated that the impact of climate change already reduces global GDP by 1.6% every year… more

  • General view of the skyline of the harbour at Bremerhaven Technology Pioneers Article

    How data will power the future of energy

    Throughout history, we’ve equated energy with the consumption of natural resources such as oil, natural… more

  • Steam billows from the cooling towers of Jaenschwalde coal power station near Cottbus Forum Article

    Governments cannot solve the climate crisis alone

    I’ve been hearing from business leaders over the past few months about the impact climate change could… more

  • A boy pours water on himself for respite from the heat beside a roadside tap in Dhaka Forum Article

    How to solve the world’s water crisis

    In the early nineteenth century, Lord Byron wrote in Don Juan that “Till taught by… more

  • Vivint Solar technicians install solar panels on the roof of a house in Mission Viejo Forum Article

    How to create jobs by tackling climate change

    In the past, action to combat climate change was viewed largely as running counter to… more

  • A government sanitary worker collects and segregate garbage in Manila bay Forum Article

    To solve climate change, start by tackling plastic waste

    As briefly rekindled hopes for a shift in climate-change politics sadly splutter a little, ahead of the… more

  • A drop of water falls from a melting piece of ice on Argentina’s Perito Moreno glacier near the city of El Calafate Global Shapers Article

    Fighting climate change, from Chennai to Zurich

    Young people will inherit whatever is left of the environment when today’s generation of… more

  • The sun is about to come up over the South Pacific Ocean as seen from the International Space Station Young Global Leaders Article

    Can technology save the environment?

    In a world of 9 billion expected by 2050 – including 3 billion new middle-class consumers – the… more