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  • The spiral galaxy M101 is pictured in this handout photo from NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory Forum Video

    Video: The biggest mystery in science

    Recent scientific breakthroughs now allow us to detect gravitational waves from the Big Bang, the very… more

  • A man walks past a display of televisions at a home electronics shop in Jakarta. Forum Article

    How to make televisions more energy efficient

    If LCD TVs start getting much more colorful — and energy-efficient — in the next few years, it will… more

  • tree1-628×330 Forum Article

    How to turn waste heat into electricity

    Picture a device that can produce electricity using nothing but the ambient heat around it. Thanks… more

  • smalldata Forum Article

    5 reasons we need to cut energy subsidies

    Half the world’s energy subsidies are in the Middle East and North Africa Region.  These… more

  • The sun is seen behind smoke billowing from a chimney of a heating plant in Taiyuan Forum Article

    Why we need to abolish fossil fuel subsidies

    The number of chances that the world will have to address climate change is dwindling. One of them comes… more

  • The colors of Fall can be seen reflected in a waterfall along the Blackberry River in Canaan, Connecticut. Strategic Foresight Article

    Busting five myths about natural resources

    Misconceptions about one of the most serious and widely discussed topics on the… more

  • Nuclear power plant Gundremmingen is pictured next to flowering meadow Global Agenda Councils Article

    Can nuclear energy fuel our future?

    Demand for electricity in the emerging economies is growing very strongly – between… more

  • verticalfarms Forum Article

    What plants can teach us about generating energy

    Most of the energy that fuels our lives comes from plants. Whether it is a fossil fuel that was formed… more


    How to get more from wind power

    Wind turbines across the globe are being made taller to capture more energy from the stronger winds that… more

  • solarpowersavemoney Forum Article

    Solving solar power’s problem

    Several government agencies, academic researchers, and firms have proposed scenarios for the future… more

  • denmark1-628×330 Forum Article

    Europe’s energy priority

    At last month’s European Council meeting in Brussels, energy issues dominated the agenda – for the third… more

  • ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Forum Article

    3 ways to stay productive throughout the day

    You were having a productive morning at the office — you made all the calls on your list, gave your boss… more

  • Journalists work in the main media hall at the European Union summit in Brussels Forum Article

    The future of wireless charging

    If you buy a 2016 Toyota Prius, you won’t need to worry about keeping your hybrid car charged — just get… more

  • A natural gas flare is seen outside of Williston, North Dakota Forum Article

    The partnership that spurred an energy revolution

    At a moment when good economic news is in short supply, yesterday’s observance of World Energy… more

  • Excess natural gas is being flared, or burnt off, at a flare stack at the refinery in Tula Forum Article

    How natural gas has transformed energy markets

    Natural gas is creating a new reality for economies around the world.  Three major developments of the… more

  • General view of the skyline of the harbour at Bremerhaven Technology Pioneers Article

    How data will power the future of energy

    Throughout history, we’ve equated energy with the consumption of natural resources such as oil, natural… more

  • People look at the cooling towers of Doel’s nuclear plant in northern Belgium Forum Event

    How will we power the next energy revolution?

    Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2014

    , Tianjin, People's Republic of China

  • A general view of centre Tianjin taken from Tianjin World Financial Center Forum Event

    10 trends for the future of China’s economy

    Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2014

    , Tianjin, People's Republic of China