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    What caused the Eurozone crisis?

    There is a wide disagreement about the nature and cause of the Eurozone crisis… more

  • A man poses for photos as solar halo is seen in the sky of Brasilia Forum Article

    Is happiness linked to economic strength?

    While the wealthy who live in advanced economies say they are happier with their life situation, those… more

  • People practice yoga in Times Square as part of a Summer Solstice celebration in New York Forum Article

    How we can all build a healthier future

    We are at a seismic moment in two major ways: how nations care for their citizens’ health and how… more

  • Kirore, a creative director at Planet Rackus works on MA3Racer, a 2D mobile game inside his studio in Kenya’s capital Nairobi Forum Video

    Top 10 most competitive economies in sub-Saharan Africa

    The sub-Saharan African region has provided something of a silver lining in an otherwise broadly felt… more

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    How can central bankers avoid another financial crisis?

    It is an occupational hazard. Central bankers believe, with a mixture of wishful thinking and empirical… more

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    Why Brazil should open up to the world

    Despite a decade of rapid growth and falling poverty rates, Brazil has failed to match… more

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    The emerging world’s inequality time bomb

    Oxfam’s recent estimate that 85 multibillionaires have accumulated fortunes greater than the wealth of… more

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    Why ageing is an issue for emerging markets

    One in every two children born today will see their 104th birthday. This was just one of many remarkable… more

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    The trouble with emerging markets

    The financial turmoil that hit emerging-market economies last spring, following the US Federal… more

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    Are the BRICS in midlife crisis?

    Annual Meeting 2014

    , Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

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    India at Davos 2014

    Annual Meeting 2014

    , Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

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    On the innovation of nations

    For centuries, economic thinkers, from Adam Smith to John Maynard Keynes, have tried to identify… more

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    Knowledge moves when people do

    Almost all rich countries are rich because they exploit technological progress. They have moved the… more

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    What can Mongolia learn from Norway?

    As Mongolia develops its mining industry to foster economic and social development, two challenges are… more

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    Why emerging markets hold the key to a healthier future

    Emerging economies – countries with the greatest need, largest populations and fewest resources –… more

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    How Brazil’s economy can bounce back

    Brazil has lost its swagger. Growth estimates for this year put Latin America’s largest economy above… more

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    Are we heading for another financial crisis?

    After two months of volatility in global financial markets, major equity indices in the United States have… more

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    Don’t give up on China’s growth

    After three decades of 9.8% average annual GDP growth, China’s economic expansion has been slowing for… more