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    The long-term challenges for Ukraine's economic future

    In politics, short-term considerations often trump the long-term imperative. Even more so in times of crisis. But… more

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    The surprising link between technology and the price of land

    A recent report revealed that the five richest families in Britain are worth more than the country’s poorest 20%… more

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    How should we measure economic progress?

    Slowly but surely, the debate about the nature of economic growth is entering a new phase. The emerging questions are… more

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    Taming the China bears

    The market is always in search of a story, and investors, it seems, think they have found a new one this year in China… more

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    The surprising chasm within emerging economies

    When researchers at the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) recently dug into the details of Mexico’s lagging economic… more

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    Video: Sustainable patterns of growth

    We can’t count on focusing on growth if we want to solve the unemployment problem. A. Michael Spence on why… more

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    The two Latin Americas - and an Achilles heel

    A rising tide that lifts all boats – a mighty tide that lasted more than a decade – has propelled Latin America’s… more

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    How can we save water and avoid a crisis?

    Water is at the heart of international discussions on human and economic development. For the third year in a row, the… more

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    What's the link between money and happiness?

    In May 2006 I saw a new Honda Accord (a luxury car in India) in my home town of Bangalore sporting the bumper sticker:… more

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    Solving Ukraine's debt crisis

    Amid all of its other troubles, Ukraine cannot pay its creditors. The country needs more money, serious reform, and a… more

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    Top five data trends that will change your working world

    Big Data is the buzzword of the year. It’s almost impossible to read anything about management, leadership or… more

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    Italy’s dash for growth: can it succeed?

    A charismatic leader conquers power by promising sweeping change and quick results. The new Italian Prime Minister… more

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    A plea from the unemployed of tomorrow

    Today’s youth are the most interconnected, independent and vocal generation thanks to the almost ubiquitous… more

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    Changing the tone when we talk about gender

    Globally, women earn on average 10%-30% less than men, with women earning even less in some Asian and Latin American… more

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    Where are the women in the app economy?

    All over the world, the digital economy and in particular the app sector are booming. The rest of the economy needs… more

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    China’s growth puzzle

    Once again, all eyes are on emerging markets. Long the darlings of the global growth sweepstakes, they are being… more

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    What’s at stake in India’s elections?

    As India prepares for national elections in a few weeks, the key political issues are crony capitalism, falling… more

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    How can Brazil escape the middle-income trap?

    One often hears that Brazil’s economy is stuck in the “middle-income trap.” Since the debt crisis of the… more