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  • A Bozo fisherman casts his net from a pirogue in front of Saaya village in the Niger river inland delta Forum Article

    How effective is foreign aid?

    Foreign aid is controversial in development economics. Three distinct camps may be distinguished: … more

  • currenteventsmarket Forum Article

    How monetary policies cross borders

    The last five years have been a reminder of the importance of interconnections and risks in the global… more

  • machines-technology-jobs-628x330 Forum Article

    Are machines to blame for a shrinking wage gap?

    Artificial intelligence, once confined to the realm of science fiction, is changing our lives. Cars are… more

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    Why we need a new economic model

    Two schools of thought tend to dominate today’s economic debates. According to free-market… more

  • A woman walks through a subway under railway tracks in Mumbai Forum Article

    12 must-read stories about gender

    “In our subcontinent, we have unique forms of cruelty towards women.” An Indian media leader is pressing… more

  • Picture illustration taken in Beijing shows Chinese 100 yuan banknotes Forum Article

    How China is rebalancing its economy

    In economic policy, as in most other areas, actions speak louder than words. By cutting its benchmark… more

  • A generic picture of a woman writing. Forum Article

    7 steps to effective communication

    Communicating effectively is so instrumental to success that speaking and writing well are probably the most… more

  • rtr25fwk2-628×330 Forum Article

    Is it time to turn back to Keynes?

    Macroeconomists have largely failed in explaining and recommending policies since the Global… more

  • A woman queues for food at a World Food Programme distribution point in Freetown Forum Article

    How Ebola affects those left behind

    Media coverage of the growing Ebola epidemic in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia has presented world… more

  • Health worker is reflected in a mirror as he prepares protective equipment near Rokupa Hospital Forum Article

    Lessons from economics on the spread of Ebola

    Economists are being called upon to estimate the costs of the Ebola epidemic to West Africa and… more

  • Soldiers of the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland carry an empty coffin at a WWI memorial at a Commonwealth war cemetery near Lens Forum Article

    The economic factors that shaped the First World War

    How much power do economic factors have in deciding the struggle for global power? To explain the… more

  • People walk in front of the skyline after a rain storm in Toronto Global Agenda Councils Article

    Running cities: the rise of a $3 trillion industry

    Consider an industry that has annual revenues of $1.8 trillion (as of 2011) in the United States alone –… more

  • Tourists on Kuta beach in Bali. Global Agenda Councils Article

    Three key questions for the future of public finance

    In the wake of the great recession, public finance remains high on the global policy agenda, with fiscal… more

  • rtr32kv6-comp2-628×330 Forum Article

    The world’s best universities for economics

    Given that economics is one of the most popular majors among millionaires around the world, it's… more

  • U.S. dollar, euro and Swiss franc bank notes are seen in a bank in Budapest Global Agenda Councils Article

    Bubbles, stagnation and the future of monetary policy

    Central banks around the world are trying to see how to encourage growth in the wake of crisis, and monetary… more

  • RTR41KE0-628×330 Forum Article

    What Europe needs from France and Germany

    France and Germany, which together account for half of euro-area GDP, are rightly considered the… more

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    Closing the gender gap is good business

    The world is changing quickly and businesses need to be ready to meet the needs of a dynamic marketplace… more

  • A woman walks past a show window of a luxury cafe at Ginza shopping district in Tokyo Forum Article

    The hidden obstacles that hold women back

    The CEO of an internationally renowned technology company was forced to make a groveling apology recently… more