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    Why Europe needs Germany’s help

    Germany’s stance toward Europe has become one of rejection and disengagement. Its policymakers deny… more

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    Measuring risk in Europe’s banking stress test

    In November 2014, the ECB published its asset quality review (AQR) and comprehensive… more

  • Japan's Mt Fuji, covered with snow, is seen through Shinjuku skyscrapers in Tokyo Forum Article

    3 things Europe can learn from Japan

    The decision of the Bank of Japan end of October 2014 to significantly expand its asset-buying programme… more

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    The spillovers of fiscal and monetary policies

    Policymakers in emerging economies have repeatedly complained over the spillover effects of… more

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    How should Europe carry out quantitative easing?

    As Europe moves closer to deflation, the ECB is gradually inching towards outright… more

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    How can Europe avoid secular stagnation?

    Larry Summers crystallized an important question in a recent speech: Has the world economy entered a… more

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    How financial crises develop

    The feedback loop between fiscal and financial instability has been at the core of the… more

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    Where next for Europe’s banking union?

    November 4 marked an important milestone in the Eurozone — the ECB took on direct supervision for the… more

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    Next steps for Europe’s banking union

    The ECB has concluded and published the results of a year-long painstaking process to go through the… more

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    The ECB’s balance sheet commitment

    One month has passed since the announcement of the asset purchase programmes, but pressure for action has… more

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    Why Europe needs a better money measure

    Would you be indifferent between holding cash in your wallet and holding a two-year maturity bond of a… more

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    How should quantitative easing work in Europe?

    It is now a near certainty that, by the end of this year, falling energy and commodity prices will push… more

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    Should the ECB buy government bonds?

    In the summer of 2012, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi pledged to do “whatever it takes”… more

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    How to fix the Eurozone’s safety net

    On October 14, as yet another financial storm gathered over Europe, the European Court of Justice convened… more

  • ECB headquarters are pictured prior to the bank’s monthly news conference in Frankfurt Forum Article

    How reliable is the ECB bank assessment?

    The ECB has finalised its assessment of the largest banks in the Eurozone before it… more

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    Should Europe drop its fiscal rules?

    The European Commission and European Council have blinked. Reprimanding France and Italy for their… more

  • An illuminated euro sign is seen in front of the headquarters of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt Forum Article

    Should the ECB be lender of last resort?

    A guiding principle for decision-making in crisis management is “he who pays the… more

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    Europe’s bank stress tests: what next?

    Sunday, October 26 was D-Day for Europe’s banks: at noon in Frankfurt, the European Central Bank… more