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  • ECB headquarters are pictured prior to the bank’s monthly news conference in Frankfurt Forum Article

    How reliable is the ECB bank assessment?

    The ECB has finalised its assessment of the largest banks in the Eurozone before it… more

  • RTR41KE0-628×330 Forum Article

    Should Europe drop its fiscal rules?

    The European Commission and European Council have blinked. Reprimanding France and Italy for their… more

  • An illuminated euro sign is seen in front of the headquarters of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt Forum Article

    Should the ECB be lender of last resort?

    A guiding principle for decision-making in crisis management is “he who pays the… more

  • RTR3A279-628×330 Forum Article

    Europe’s bank stress tests: what next?

    Sunday, October 26 was D-Day for Europe’s banks: at noon in Frankfurt, the European Central Bank… more

  • currenteventsmarket Forum Article

    Who benefits from quantitative easing?

    The notion that ultralow interest rates and central-bank asset purchases have fueled a surge in… more

  • Newly introduced 10 Euro banknote are pictured under ultraviolet light during news conference at the headquarters of Bundesbank in Frankfurt Forum Article

    Why QE could backfire in Europe

    With inflation in the eurozone stubbornly remaining on a downward trajectory, pressure on the European… more

  • The Euro currency sign is seen in front of the European Central Bank headquarters in Frankfurt Forum Article

    What is driving ECB monetary policy?

    The European Central Bank is in the middle of a big, risky experiment. Key interest rates have remained… more

  • The Euro currency sign is seen next to European Central Bank headquarters in Frankfurt Forum Article

    How vulnerable is Europe to another financial crisis?

    The Global Financial Stability Report of the IMF (2009) defines systemic… more

  • A huge euro logo is pictured past next to headquarters of ECB in Frankfurt Forum Article

    Will quantitative easing restart the eurozone?

    The 4 September announcement by Chairman Mario Draghi that the European Central Bank intends to buy… more

  • Euro sculpture is partially reflected in a puddle in front of the headquarters of the ECB headquarters in Frankfurt Forum Article

    What’s the right size for the financial sector?

    The recent global financial crisis has made us rethink the contribution of the financial sector to the… more

  • Young Global Leaders Article

    Europe’s long road to recovery

    In the recent financial and economic crisis, some members of the Eurozone faced the threat of sovereign… more

  • Young Global Leaders Article

    The European Central Bank’s plans to protect a fragile recovery

    During Mario Draghi’s recent visit to the Harvard Kennedy School, the impact of the US shutdown, the… more

  • Forum Article

    Will the global economy gain momentum?

    In the dog days of summer, Milan is quieter than many European cities. The locals are away, and, unlike… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Article

    Has austerity failed in Europe?

    Although many European governments have announced expenditure cuts and tax hikes, their debt/GDP ratios… more

  • Forum Article

    In defence of the European Central Bank

    August 2 marked the first anniversary of the European Central Bank’s “outright monetary… more

  • Forum Article

    Finding the right economic reform strategy for Europe

    Together with fiscal consolidation, structural reform is the new European mantra. International… more

  • Forum Article

    Should the European Central Bank start again from scratch?

    The monetary union was always a grand gamble. It established the ECB for an immense region that itself was… more

  • Forum Article

    Can the European Central Bank control interest rates?

    The short answer is a hesitant yes, bordering with a timid no. The longer answer starts by noting… more