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    To shape a Shaper: Reflections on the World Economic Forum on East...

    I was very fortunate to participate in the World Economic Forum on East Asia in Bangkok last month as part… more

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    What I learned from Aung San Suu Kyi

    From May 28-30th, I attended the World Economic Forum in Bangkok as a Global Shaper representing the Taipei… more

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    Shaping Japan’s new tomorrow

    As Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum, we have the ability to observe local and global issues on the ground. As… more

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    Preserving architectural history in Taiwan

    House prices in many Asian cities have doubled in the past five years. As a result, many old communities have… more

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    Capitalism: A means, not an end

    Adam Smith’s notion of the ‘invisible hand’ has guided multitudes of people to promote ends which… more

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    Balancing the world through inclusive growth

    Growth has undeniably been the economic goal for the last few decades. It is believed that growth… more

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    Is Asia’s talent falling through the cracks?

    I spend a lot my working time running my business and developing plans, processes and strategies for… more