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    Video: How can we tackle mental health disorders?

    One in four of us will experience mental health problems at some point in our lives, and because many of these… more

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    Nigeria’s surprising weapons in the fight to save lives

    World Health Day draws attention to the fight against vector-borne diseases – diseases that are transmitted by… more

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    The digital case for decriminalizing drugs

    I was in the room as the World Economic Forum hosted The Drugs Dilemma, the Forum's first-ever debate on drug policy… more

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    Inside the placebo effect

    For many medical researchers and followers of science, few things are more unsettling than the placebo effect. How can… more

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    Health in hard places

    Improving health in the developing world must go beyond drug pricing and donations, argues Joseph Jimenez, is CEO of… more

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    Intellectual property – have we struck the right balance?

    The idea of protecting Intellectual Property (IP) is not a new one. According to a study by Stanford University, one… more

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    Tackling the torrent of illicit trade

    The value of illicit trade – primarily the sale of counterfeit goods – is estimated at US$ 650 billion worldwide… more

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    What are Latin American leaders doing to tackle corruption?

    World Economic Forum on Latin America 2012

    , Puerto Vallarta, Mexico