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    Why investors should care about cyber breaches

    Major security breaches continue to hit headlines, as businesses are forced to shift from… more

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    Are we entering a new age of insecurity?

    Summer is normally a time to take a break from the risks and worries of everyday life, and perhaps to… more

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    How companies should deal with data leaks

    Cyber security is becoming more prominent in both the public and private sectors, yet there is still a… more

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    How can companies insure against cyber risk?

    Although more and more businesses are turning to cloud-based solutions, many do not have any leverage… more

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    The trouble with ‘backdoor’ intelligence operations

    Secure digital communications and our financial system are cornerstones of the modern economy. The… more

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    War on the web: how to stand up to cyber threats

    Not too long ago, the phrase “electronic army” would have conjured up visions of something out of… more

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    The wrong way to fight a cyberattack

    The Internet has increasingly become a domain for cyberattacks, online threats and security incidents. But… more

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    Digital wildfires – fast flaring, easily doused

    There has been a lot of talk regarding misreporting and rogue messages coming out of social media… more

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    Underinvesting in resilience

    Michael Spence, a Nobel laureate in economics, is Professor of Economics at New York University’s Stern… more

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    What if there was a large-scale Internet failure?

    Mustaque Ahamad, Computing Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, says that the IT industry… more

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    What is the future of transportation?

    A client in Beijing has just called asking you to present your latest products in person to their top… more

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    Global Shapers: A year of youth empowerment

    Welcome to Global Shapers Week on the Forum Blog. Only one year after the launch of the Global Shapers… more

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    What if the Internet collapsed?

    Rob Wainwright, the Director of Europol, on how the infrastructure underpinning the World Wide Web is… more