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  • To match Interview SOLAR-FUND/ Forum Article

    Why sustainability is more than just a fad

    Since the 1970s, we’ve been operating beyond the resources our planet can sustainably provide… more


    How pollution is threatening our world

    The industrialization of the developing world is creating unsustainable pollution levels. The solution requires a… more

  • Longtin, General Manager Wind Products, sit on the top of a GE 1.6-100 wind turbine at a wind farm in Tehachapi Forum Article

    Bringing clean energy closer

    Solid oxide fuel cells and solid oxide electrolysis cells hold the promise of highly efficient energy… more

  • To match feature RENEWABLES/DENMARK Forum Article

    How people are coming together to tackle climate change

    The People’s Climate March on September 21 was a watershed for the emerging global… more

  • Chimneys are seen through a window at a coal-fired power plant on a hazy day in Shimen county Forum Article

    Don’t be surprised if China puts a cap on carbon

    In China – the world’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide – policy-makers have been discussing the… more

  • Forum Article

    Interview: How can we get cheaper power from the sun?

    Nanotechnology offers new ways to make solar power cost efficient. Dr Hele Savin, a World Economic Forum… more

  • Forum Article

    Can Africa’s desert sun power Europe?

    Up to 20% of power demand in Europe can be obtained by connecting African deserts to… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Article

    Biased against clean investment?

    Michael Liebreich, Member of the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council for New Energy… more

  • Forum Article

    Can we become ‘energy literate’?

    For me, energy literacy means having a debate on energy that’s based on solid data and an understanding of… more

  • Forum Article

    Does renewable energy work better in developing countries?

    Ahead of the launch of the best-practice repository for Energy companies in September, Gao Jifan, chairman and… more

  • Forum Article

    Green Growth – innovating with new and energy-efficient solutions

    When the G20 meets later this month in Mexico, its leaders will face multiple… more

  • Forum Article

    5 ways to encourage a clean energy economy

    In a series of posts related to the World Economic Forum’s New Energy Architecture report, Roberto… more