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  • A Nigerian child squats by an open sewer in the neighbourhood of Isale-Eko in central Lagos Forum Article

    Why growth must be inclusive to eliminate poverty

    While the world has seen a rapid reduction in extreme poverty in recent decades, the goal of‘ending… more

  • Employees work on the assembly line at the Renault plant in Sao Jose dos Pinhais Forum Article

    Why Brazil should embrace global value chains

    International trade has undergone a radical transformation in the past decades as production processes… more

  • People walk around the Congress in Brasilia Forum Article

    Why Brazil’s central bank needs reform

    International investors are watching closely as Brazilians prepare to vote in the second round of… more

  • RTR3MBIJ Forum Article

    Everyone has a stake in the future of the internet

    Those of us who participated in the NETmundial conference in Brazil last April were pleasantly surprised… more

  • A boy draped with a Brazilian flag and a girl from Uruguay watch a soccer match between children from Chile and Uruguay during the “Street Soccer World Cup” in Sao Paulo Forum Article

    4 ways to boost Brazil’s growth

    After years of impressive growth, Brazil’s economic prospects appear increasingly dim. Since the World… more

  • Forum Article

    Why Brazil should open up to the world

    Despite a decade of rapid growth and falling poverty rates, Brazil has failed to match… more

  • Forum Article

    Competitiveness World Cup: the results

    Overall, the World Economic Forum’s World Cup competitiveness head-to-heads correctly predicted the… more

  • Forum Article

    No, the World Cup will not change the world

    The eyes of the world, and especially those of South America, will be on Brazil when it stages the… more

  • Young Global Leaders Article

    The two Latin Americas – and an Achilles heel

    A rising tide that lifts all boats – a mighty tide that lasted more than a decade – has propelled… more

  • Forum Article

    How can Brazil escape the middle-income trap?

    One often hears that Brazil’s economy is stuck in the “middle-income trap.” Since the debt… more

  • Forum Article

    The emerging world’s inequality time bomb

    Oxfam’s recent estimate that 85 multibillionaires have accumulated fortunes greater than the wealth of… more

  • Forum Article

    Want to end poverty? Tackle inequality first

    There is broad support for the idea to set a global goal to end extreme poverty by 2030, as recent… more

  • Forum Article

    The trouble with emerging markets

    The financial turmoil that hit emerging-market economies last spring, following the US Federal… more

  • Forum Event

    What are the next steps for emerging economies?

    Annual Meeting 2014

    , Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

  • Forum Article

    Can innovation close wealth gaps?

    When the benefits of economic growth are distributed very unequally, social bonds fray. Those losing… more

  • Social Entrepreneurs Article

    How social entrepreneurs fight poverty in Brazil’s favelas

    A child is admitted to hospital with acute respiratory problems and diagnosed with pneumonia.They are… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Event

    Q&A: What is the future of welfare?

    Summit on the Global Agenda 2013

    , Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  • Young Global Leaders Article

    What the Amazon can teach us about sustainable development

    Described as the lungs of our planet, the Amazon rainforest acts as a massive carbon sink… more