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  • To match feature JAPAN-METALS/RECYCLING Forum Article

    Computer chips and targeted medicine: what’s the link?

    A team of scientists led by Yale University systems biologist and biomedical engineer Andre Levchenko has… more

  • nerves-346928 Forum Article

    A step towards restoring damaged nerves

    MIT researchers have demonstrated a highly flexible neural probe made entirely of polymers that can both… more

  • Human genetic material is stored at a laboratory in Munich Global Agenda Councils Article

    Will biology change what it means to be human?

    The latest scientific advances will soon enable us to take charge of evolution itself. Synthetic biology… more

  • MIT-Center-MicroBiome_0 Forum Article

    Learning more about the body’s ecosystem

    More than 90 percent of the genes in our bodies do not come from our own cells. Instead, the vast… more

  • A DNA double helix in an undated artist’s illustration released by the National Human Genome Research Institute to Reuters Forum Article

    Could biological computers help fight cancer?

    Bio-engineers are working on the development of biological computers with the aim of designing small… more

  • Forum Article

    We’re killing the development of new drugs

    Pundits have long predicted that biology would dominate the 21st century, just as physics dominated the… more

  • Forum Video

    Who’s in Charge? Free Will and the Science of the Brain

    Michael S. Gazzaniga, a prolific author in the field of neurobiology, explains discoveries from biology… more

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    Small is beautiful: Materials by design

    Have you ever wondered how a butterfly’s wing creates such beautiful colours? We… more

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    How engineered micro-organisms could one day power the world

    The world we inhabit is highly dependent on fossil resources. From fuels to synthetic fibers and plastics… more

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    The top 10 emerging technologies for 2012

    Emerging technologies are critical to building a sustainable and… more