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  • To match feature CLIMATE-GLACIERS/ Global Agenda Councils Article

    Three reasons we’re running out of water

    How do we explain the fact that while only 43% of the world’s population can turn on a tap at home… more

  • 141015-Wed-african children ebola reuters image RTR40Z0U-628×330 Forum Article

    What’s needed to stop Ebola

    The Ebola virus disease epidemic already devastating swaths of West Africa will likely get far worse… more

  • A boy receives humanitarian aid in Duma Global Agenda Councils Article

    How businesses can improve humanitarian aid

    Imagine waking up to water pouring into your home, lapping up against your bed.  You stumble outside to see… more

  • Forum Event

    How technology is changing disaster relief

    World Economic Forum on East Asia 2014

    , Metro Manila, Philippines

  • Young Global Leaders Event

    Four trends shaping the future of aid in Africa

    World Economic Forum on Africa 2014

    , Abuja, Nigeria

  • Forum Event

    Bill Gates Q&A: Fighting corruption, the future of aid

    Annual Meeting 2014

    , Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

  • Civil Society Event

    Can technology turn traditional aid on its head?

    Annual Meeting 2014

    , Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

  • Global Agenda Councils Article

    World Refugee Day: ‘We’re people, too…’

    The boot on my back didn’t hurt, but it was firm. I turned over and looked up into the face of a West… more

  • Forum Article

    What if a disaster on the scale of the Haiti earthquake happened...

    Ahead of the three-year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake on January 12, Baroness Valerie Amos… more

  • Young Global Leaders Article

    How aid dependence can hurt the rule of law

    Does the current rhetoric surrounding President Barack Obama’s visit to Cambodia underscore the importance… more

  • Forum Article

    What can we learn from the 2011 Japan earthquake?

    One year ago this Sunday, unforgettable images began to emerge from Japan. Dirty grey waves swept through… more