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  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: The Great Transformation

    With just a few days to go before the beginning of the 42nd World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: Global Risks 2012

    What is keeping the world’s risk experts awake at night? The World Economic Forum interviewed hundreds of… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: The Davos agenda

    Lee Howell, Head of Programming, talks us through how the Davos agenda comes together over the months prior… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: Business as Usual

    The World Economic Forum’s Financial Development Report 2011 was released last week. Hong Kong tops the… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Social Entrepreneurship in Switzerland: an oxymoron? And...

    We look at how social entrepreneurship is thriving in Switzerland, and talk to Stephen Pursey of the ILO… more

  • Global Shapers Podcast

    Podcast: The young people who want to change the world

    This week’s Inside the World Economic Forum podcast features the Global Shapers Community. Listen to David Aikman… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Global Shapers – Youth Shaping the World

    Fifty percent of the world’s population is under the age of 27 and the majority lives in urban areas. With… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Partnering Against Corruption, Social Entrepreneurialism, and Denise...

    We look at two extremes of the moral spectrum, Alex Wong talks about fighting business corruption, while… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Developing a New Energy Architecture, and what if we ran out of...

    Espen Mehlum reveals the future of energy architecture, Dominic Waughray, the Forum’s Head of Environment… more

  • Forum Podcast

    All India all the time

    This week we preview the India Economic Summit. We talk to Sushant Palakurthi Rao about the Summit's… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: Klaus Schwab shares his views on this year’s Annual...

    Klaus Schwab is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum. I had the pleasure to share a few… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: George Soros, a brief conversation

    A brief conversation with George Soros after his press conference, we talk about France, Europe, and why he wanted to… more