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  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: The Future of BRICS

    This week the world’s attention will be on New Delhi, which is hosting the fourth BRICS Summit on 29 March. In this… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: Meet the World Economic Forum USA

    The World Economic Forum USA opened its doors in 2006 with just one staff member; now, six years later, more than 100… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: The future of mobile and manufacturing

    This week’s podcast looks at manufacturing, with John Moavenzadeh, the Senior Director and Head of Mobility… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: Energy for economic growth

    The energy sector has a major role to play in global economic growth and recovery, with its indirect contributions… more

  • Women Leaders & Gender Parity Podcast

    Podcast: International Women’s Day

    In this special edition of our podcast "Inside the World Economic Forum" we focus on International Women's day and the… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Podcast

    The world needs mobile learning

    Only 25% of homes in developing countries have a computer, but I predict that soon enough, almost everyone on the… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: Three ways to end the world as we know it

    What if? This is the hypothetical question most of us have asked ourselves at one time or another. In today’s podcast… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: Making renewable energy work

    The world’s population continues to grow and, with it, the demand for more energy. Debates on fulfilling the demand… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: Unsung heroes

    We are back from our Annual Meeting in Davos. Discussions on the future of capitalism and the Eurozone along with the… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: Annual Meeting 2012 wrap-up

    In our final podcast on location, we share last insights from the hallways of the Congress Centre in Davos. We also… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: Annual Meeting 2012 – Day 2

    Food security, responsible leadership, the Eurozone crisis and the Arab Spring are just a few topics being discussed in… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: Davos 2012

    It’s that time of the year again when thousands of business people, government representatives, members of civil… more