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  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: The Future of BRICS

    This week the world’s attention will be on New Delhi, which is hosting the fourth BRICS Summit on 29 March… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: Meet the World Economic Forum USA

    The World Economic Forum USA opened its doors in 2006 with just one staff member; now, six years later, more… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: The future of mobile and manufacturing

    This week’s podcast looks at manufacturing, with John Moavenzadeh, the Senior Director and Head of Mobility… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: Energy for economic growth

    The energy sector has a major role to play in global economic growth and recovery, with its indirect… more

  • Women Leaders & Gender Parity Podcast

    Podcast: International Women’s Day

    In this special edition of our podcast "Inside the World Economic Forum" we focus on International Women's… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Podcast

    The world needs mobile learning

    Only 25% of homes in developing countries have a computer, but I predict that soon enough, almost… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: Three ways to end the world as we know it

    What if? This is the hypothetical question most of us have asked ourselves at one time or another. In… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: Making renewable energy work

    The world’s population continues to grow and, with it, the demand for more energy. Debates on fulfilling… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: Unsung heroes

    We are back from our Annual Meeting in Davos. Discussions on the future of capitalism and the Eurozone along… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: Annual Meeting 2012 wrap-up

    In our final podcast on location, we share last insights from the hallways of the Congress Centre in Davos… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: Annual Meeting 2012 – Day 2

    Food security, responsible leadership, the Eurozone crisis and the Arab Spring are just a few topics being… more

  • Forum Podcast

    Podcast: Davos 2012

    It’s that time of the year again when thousands of business people, government representatives, members of… more