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    Why our blue planet is running out of water

    Saturday, 22 March is World Water Day. It is an annual event to raise awareness of the global issues that limit access… more

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    Soil is no quick fix for climate change

    As the worst bush fires in a generation subside in New South Wales, the debate rages on about the role that climate… more

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    Smarter thinking to keep our life-support system running

    Today is World Food Day, a day to focus on global food security. This year’s theme – Healthy People Depend on… more

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    Wildfire, famine and the trouble with nature

    One of the biggest wildfires to hit California still smoulders around Yosemite and has been blamed on a hunter’s… more

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    The real beef about artificial meat

    A group led by the University of Maastricht last week cooked, and ate, the world’s first burger made from cultured… more

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    What if soil runs out?

    John Crawford is Head of Sustainability and Complex Systems in the Charles Perkins Centre, and the Judith and David… more