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  • Newly introduced 10 Euro banknote are pictured under ultraviolet light during news conference at the headquarters of Bundesbank in Frankfurt Forum Article

    Why QE could backfire in Europe

    With inflation in the eurozone stubbornly remaining on a downward trajectory, pressure on the European… more

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    Why has the US recovered more quickly than Europe?

    The global financial crisis that erupted in full force in 2008 affected Europe and the United States in a… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Article

    Can Europe compete with a fracking-fuelled US?

    Newspapers like to claim that energy prices are much higher in Europe than in the United States, which has… more

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    Europe’s voters are lashing out at domestic politics, not the EU

    Most post-election commentary has concentrated on the “shocking” surge of anti-establishment, mostly… more

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    Italy’s dash for growth: can it succeed?

    A charismatic leader conquers power by promising sweeping change and quick results. The new Italian Prime… more

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    What does Merkel’s victory mean for Europe?

    Very little changes for Europe as a result of Sunday’s election in Germany. Most commentators have focused… more

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    Why does capital flow from poor to rich countries?

    Almost a quarter of a century ago, Robert Lucas posed the simple question: “Why does capital flow from… more

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    Has austerity failed in Europe?

    Although many European governments have announced expenditure cuts and tax hikes, their debt/GDP ratios… more

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    Europe’s zombie banks

    What is wrong with Europe’s banks? The short answer is that the sector is too large, has too little… more

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    How bad is Europe’s youth unemployment problem?

    European policymakers have decided that they must be seen to be “doing something” about youth… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Article

    What the Cyprus crisis means for the EU

    The root of the problem in Cyprus is well known. Its two major banks had attracted huge deposits from… more

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    Austerity in small places

    Daniel Gros, Director of the Center for European Policy Studies, discusses how austerity affects small… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Event

    Why does the eurozone need time to recover?

    Summit on the Global Agenda 2012

    , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Forum Article

    How do we return to normal market conditions?

    Daniel Gros is Director of the Center for European Policy Studies. A financial crisis erupts when a large… more

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    Should Europe be fracking?

    Daniel Gros is Director of the Center for European Policy Studies. BRUSSELS – The global energy… more